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Summer weather, like being in love, is a philosopher's stone which turns our ordinary days to gold. But not the whole day ... For it is never the whole day, never all our life which is transformed in any happiness, but only the exquisite moments. - Nan Fairbrother


Living An Extraordinary Life One Moment at a Time

One of the challenges of living an extraordinary life is that life becomes composed of moments ... and you have to re-orient your thinking to embrace it. Dipping your toe into the eternal life stream means you have to let the river flow ... rather than try to hold onto it.

Trying to hold on to the eternal is not an easy thing to do ... it slips through your fingers like quicksilver. Try to grasp it with your thoughts and it becomes wisps of smoke ... a morning fog that disappears with the sunlight of focused consciousness.

So, you want to treat it like a bird's song ... something that comes ... and is experienced without the need to analyze it, dissect it or make a big deal of it. You may be the only one who hears the music, who adds it to your day like a gift tossed into the stands of life as the crowds pass on by ... rushing to make the morning commute.




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