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Everything happens to everybody sooner or
later if there is time enough.
- George Bernard Shaw


Common Events In Modern Life

Do you think life is unpredictable? Is your future still a mystery to you?

Although people believe that life is a random mix of life events, there is a pattern to how your life unfolds. And although you may not be able to change the major life events you will live through ... you can influence them.

You may not be able to predict when -- but just about everybody falls in love, has their heart broken, gets betrayed by a best friend, learns to drive, comes close to being fired, and has a close call with death.

Events & Their Ripples

If you allow your fate to unfold, every event will have a ripple effect on the rest of your life. For instance, get married and your life will be filled with anniversaries and compromises. Have kids and your life will be filled with diapers, scraped knees, teacher conferences and school plays or recitals.

If you choose to follow your destiny, the same events may happen ... but in a different way. Where you go to school, what you major in, the jobs you accept or turn down, where you live and who you marry may change. But many of the events will be the same.

Knowing About Life Events

Knowing what these common life events are can help you anticipate, prepare and survive them. But more importantly, you gain the foresight to take an active hand in your life so you can bring about the ones you want and minimize the chances of the ones you don't.

A Checklist of Life Events

So what are the common life events that come with the box of life and are part of most modern lives? Here is a quick checklist ...


Growing Up

During life age one, when we are an infant and child, we are focused on exploring the world and learning everything we can about it, our family and ourselves. Major and minor events include ...


Preparing For A Successful Life

When we become adolescents, we turn our attention both inward and outward, as we start to become part of a generation.


Getting Vocational Training

And as we start to look towards the future, we prepare to take on the responsibility of taking care of and supporting ourselves.


Working For A Living

When we become young adults, we enter the workforce and start earning a living.


Creating A Life

Once we start taking care of ourselves, we become part of a community.


Finding A Life Partner or Mate

Love is such a natural part of life, and it lasts our entire lifetime.


Having Children

When we take on the responsibility for caring for others, we are ready to become parents.


Staying Healthy

Our life is also spent dealing with a myriad of health issues.


Coping With The Death of Loved Ones

With life comes the possibility of death, and coping with the loss of loved ones.


Going Through A Mid Life Assessment

At the midpoint in any process, there is a moment to pause and assess where you are and make any course corrections needed. So it is with midlife.


Growing Older

As we age we become mature adults, and with it come the life events of growing older.


Dying & Passing On

When our life force is wanning, we prepare for the next incarnation or transitioning into another existence in the Universe.



Now, that wasn't so bad, was it?




List of Life Skills


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