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Knowing Thyself ... Taking Socrates' Advice

If you have read or heard about Socrates' catch phrases "Man, know thyself" and it struck a cord with you, you might want to take his advice and learn how to know thyself. I think Socrates himself gave us a clue when he said "The unexamined life is not worth living".

However, trying to discover a way to know yourself has left many people scratching their heads. Where do you start? What do you look for? How do you know when you have found it?

So, I put this short step by step guide together to point you in the right direction and help you get started.



Icon: Find Your BLiss (Discover Yourself Step 2)

Step One: Find Your Bliss

Start by exploring what kindles your passion, inspires you, and makes your live worth living. It is important to discover your personal definition of happiness ... the things which make you catch your breath and stay up all night ... or travel to the ends of the earth/universe in order to find.

Discovering what your bliss is can take several months ... but there is a simple process for finding it ... a recipe made up of 8 groups of ingredients.

Once you discover your personal bliss ingredients, you can create a statement that defines in your own words what your bliss is and thus your idea of what is exquisite happiness.

Knowing your bliss helps you define in very personal terms your idea of exquisite happiness ... and gives you a way to start making life decisions and choices that take you there. Read more ...



Self Discovery Icon: Life Purpose

Step Two: Discover Your Reason For Living

Next, you want to focus on discovering your reason for living -- the purpose for your life. This reason is basically what you want to experience, learn or understand .. the knowledge that experiencing life and death will give to you.

Combined with knowing your bliss, this gives you a very good idea of what your life is all about ... and brings clarity to the everyday choices and major life decisions that await you. Read more ...



Describr Living Your Dreams

Step Three: Define Your Extraordinary Life

Next, you want to focus on discovering and defining the life you would love to live ... your grown up version of the childhood dreams you had of what you would be and do when you grew up. But, instead of being built on fantasy, this extraordinary life is one you really would be thrilled to actually live. Basically, it is you living your bliss in the real world.

If you have already defined what your bliss is, this is a simple step of translating to the real world how you would follow and live your bliss.

Knowing what your extraordinary life is ... the life that you would love to live ... helps give you a target to aim your life at, a standard for living a life full of love, passion and meaning. Read more ...



Discovering My Life's Work (Bush Chef)

Step Four: Define Your Life's Work

Once you have defined the life you want to live, it is time to define your life's work that pays for that life and allows you to live it 24/7/365 instead of just on weekends and holidays.

Knowing how to turn your passion and personal bliss into a paycheck (and a handsome one at that!) is a secret to a happy life ... and helps you in the real world make great decisions about where to go to school, what to study, the kind of training or degree you need to be successful, and the profession you want to pursue. Read more ...



Teh Big Questions of Life (Icon)

Step Five: Answer Life's Four Questions

The four questions help you dig deeper into the mystery of who you are and what you are doing here. The answers and insights you get about who you really are can illuminate your life and help you make sense of the life you are living. Read more ...

 Who AM I?               Where Am I Coming From?
 Why AM I Here?        Where AM I Going To?.



Keeping a Personal Journal (Icon)

Step Six: Review Your Life Using The Insights You've Gained

The first five steps help you know more about yourself -- what makes you unique and what makes you tick. Now is the time to use these answers and insights to examine your life up to now and understand the events and choices of your life.

Often, it takes time to provide perspective on a life ... but what that time really turns out to be is life experience that is turned into knowledge about the world, yourself and others ... so you can start to make sense of your life. Applying that knowledge to examine your life and understand it brings clarity, peace and serenity. Read more about keeping a journal ...



Icon: Make Your DReams Come True

Step Seven: Look Forward Using The Insights You've Gained

You can also use the insights and ideas you have developed to look forward and understand where your current life choices are taking you. Knowing yourself -- who you are, why you are here, what your bliss is,and the life you want to have -- is a tool you can use to help you succeed at the life you dream of living.




You Are The Expert On Knowing Yourself

You are the only one who can become an expert on YOU ... can understand from the inside who you are, what your life has been like and what it could become. Everyone else, regardless of what they say, is really guessing at who you really are -- even if they are good at guessing and right on the money!

No one else will have the in-sights you do, because they are standing on the outside, watching from a few feet away ... and it is easy to miss big stuff if they are not able to experience along with you what takes your breathe away ... what stirs your blood ... what makes you wake up laughing in the middle of the night ... what makes you groan and roll over to avoid getting up and facing the day.

So if you want to know more about thyself ... go find a mirror. Staring back will be the one person who is qualified to do the work. This is one job you cannot delegate, sub out or shanghai someone else into doing for you. (In that respect it is like building muscles ... or mending a broken heart .. its an inside job.)

So, I hope my words and straight forward guide helps you to start examining your life and knowing yourself better. If you want to read more, use the links above or at the bottom to explore Books from my online books.

And good luck on your journey to "Know Thyself!!"





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