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Be inspired by great movies, famous quotes and memorable songs to find your dream job, change your life, or start living the life you dream of . Use them to test drive the perfect career, keep your focus and turn your daily commute into the best part of your day.

Movies, quotes and songs can be come valuable life, career and business tools you can use to ...

So take a moment and see how your collection of DVDs, videos, CDs and quotes can become powerful career tools. Or set your radio to stations that empower you to change your life ...


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Memorable Movies

A movie is a visual feast for your mind, full of images, ideas, opinions, attitudes and insights. Good career movies provide an opportunity to test drive a career as you see a story unfold before your eyes. You get to experience how the character interacts and is surrounded by the the things, activities, people, places and experiences of a given profession and life path.

If you love movies ...


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Want to find more inspiring movies? Try browsing my links to 500 memorable films that cover everything from finding your life's work to the twists and turns of fate and destiny.

Great Quotes

Quotes, as the original sound bytes, can often say what volumes cannot. A great quote or saying can set the whole tone of your day or summarize the work you love. Their briefness and glimpse or the truth, like a haiku poem, makes them powerful tools to focus your thoughts, gain new perspectives, and remember important themes.

Want to find great and inspiring quotes? Try my list of famous and inspirational quote topics, that access over a thousand inspirational and famous quotes.




Inspirational Songs

A song is a unique combination of sound, rhythm, and words which can impact your mood and shift your perspective in just a few seconds. Hear a song you love and it can make your day as you walk into work or commute home. Songs not only can set your mood, they can motivate you to change your life as you connect with the energy and ideas they express.

For more song and music quotes ...


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