Do You Know The Nine Knowledge Areas?


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Self Discovery ... And Knowing

Do you want to discover what you could be great at? Curious about the areas you would love to study and learn more about ... and how to turn that knowledge into a great career doing what you love and are great at?

Knowing what you love to learn about and would love to get paid to know about and study ... can be the beginning of discovering your path in life and the right career for you.

Take a look at this list of nine knowledge areas (organized by life path) and see if any of them sound interesting. If so, then follow the links to learn more about the life paths they are a part of.

Life Path 1: Innovating Knowledge Area

Exploring - Knowing how to travel and explore the unknown, navigate new territories and document the landscape that is explored. Being able to sense emerging opportunities for exploration, the best direction to travel, where to avoid, and how to get safely there and back.

Discovering - Knowing how to look for, sense and see the new and document what you find. Being able to sense the most fruitful areas for discovery, how to reveal previously unknown ideas, processes, methods ... and capitalize on them.

Pioneering - KNowing how to handle and thrive in new or unusual environments or circumstances. Knowing the processes, procedures, practices, tools, materials and events that lead to understanding the principles, forces and best practices in new environments.

Innovating - Knowing how to perceive missed and underused opportunities and how to apply new ideas to change or improve how things are done.

Inventing - Knowing how to combine old and new ideas into new products, processes and services. Knowing how to identify problems without optimum solutions, imagine solutions in the form of goods and services, prototype, test, refine, modify, adapt, develop and patent new ideas in physical form.

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Life Path 2: Nurturing & Growing Knowledge Area

Customer and Personal Service - Knowing how to asses your customer's need and provide the right services. Determining levels of customer satisfaction and developing new delivery systems and services to exceed expectations and excel in the eyes of your customer.

Economics and Accounting - Knowing economic principles and system drivers, as well as how to use the practices of accounting, investing, financial assessment and profit taking. Knowledge of local and global financial markets, global economies, small and corporate investors, banking, credit industry , and financial reports.

Food Production - Knowing how to effectively use the practices, procedures, principles, equipment, tools, and materials to plan, grow, harvest and prepare food. Understanding how to apply best practices to create high yield , high nutritional content plant and animal food sources and properly harvest, transport, store, and serve them.

Foreign Language - Knowing the words, idioms, proper pronunciation, grammar , spelling, formal and local meanings, nuance and translation of a non-native language.

Law and Government - Knowing and applying the spirit as well as the letter of the law. Knowledge of local interpretation and application of legal codes, how to follow court procedures, the existence and impact of legal precedents, the crafting and application of government regulations, the workings, strengths and weaknesses of multiple political systems (democracy, republic, monarchy, dictatorship, proletariat , parliament , etc.).

Personnel and Human Resources - Knowing how to recruit, select, hire, train, promote and let go high, medium and low skilled personnel. Knowledge of salaries, benefits, negotiation, skill development, job analysis, labor relations and human relations information systems.

Psychology - Knowing how humans think, feel, express, behave and respond to different situations and events. Understanding basic human differences, norms and extremes in behavior, personality, motivation, values and interests. Knowing how to assess, diagnose, treat and transcend psychological problems and disorders.

Sales and Marketing - Knowing how to merchandize, demonstrate, showcase, and sell goods, services and knowledge. Knowing effective sales strategies, practices, and techniques, as well as being able to read customers, recognize values and budget constraints, match customer needs and exceed client wants to build customer loyalty, promote word of mouth and create client champions.

Sociology - Knowing and understanding how groups think, feel, react and behave. Understanding group dynamics, social structures and trends, as well as how cultures develop, operate and decline.

Therapy and Counseling - Knowing how to recognize, diagnose, treat and transcend mental, emotional, physical and spiritual problems, dysfunctions, and disorders. Understanding the practices, procedures, strategies and tactics for providing effective advice and wise counsel in a particular field of human interest, including finances, health, career, lifestyle, appearance.

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Life Path 3: Expressive Knowledge Area

Communications and Media - Knowing how to inform, entertain and educate using oral, written, and visual mediums of communication. Understanding how to use the power of images and words to persuade, enlighten, and impact the way people think, feel and act.

Design - Knowing how to use the principles , practices, strategies, tools and materials to design products, services, environments, and events. Understanding how to create and use plans, drawings, physical and computer models, schematics, blueprints, parts lists, testing procedures, and scenario models to develop, test, evaluate and optimize designs.

English Language - Knowing the meaning, spelling, and effective use of English words to impact the way people think, feel and act. Understanding how to apply grammar , sentence structure, theme development, composition , argument, and contrast to convey ideas that inform, entertain and educate.

Fine Arts - Knowing how to effectively use the tools, materials and techniques of expression to create and perform works of art in the forms of visual arts, performing arts, written works, and musical performances. Understanding how to use images, text, sound, light, and physical movement to convey ideas and insights that inform, entertain and educate.

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Life Path 4: Building & Organizing Knowledge Area

Clerical - Knowing how to effectively use the procedures, best practices, equipment, tools and materials to capture, maintain, use, store and retrieve important data, files and records. Understanding how to build and maintain a strong information foundation for use in documenting, analyzing and optimizing operations.

Computers and Electronics - Knowing how to effectively design, test, debug, and author computer programs and software applications. Understanding how to design, test, build, install, troubleshoot, upgrade and repair computer and electronic hardware, including circuit boards, chips, processors, cables, drives, monitors. printers and wireless systems.

Construction and Building - Knowing how to effectively use building practices, principles, equipment, tools and materials to build, install, erect and finish industrial , commercial and personal structures. Understanding how to effectively create and follow building codes, best practices and architectural plans.

Engineering and Technology - Knowing how to research and apply the principles and forces of Nature in the development and use of new materials, tools, equipment, programs, products and services. Understanding how to develop, implement and follow best practices in the design and development of biological, chemical, nuclear, civil, electrical, mechanical, and computer systems.

Mechanical - Knowing how to design, develop, prototype, build, manufacture, assemble, install, use, maintain, upgrade, troubleshoot and repair machinery, tools, equipment and mechanical devices.

Production and Processing - Knowing how to turn raw materials into finished products by understanding how to effectively gather, assemble, sort, grade, process, manufacture, test, ship and deliver goods. Understanding how to apply the best practices of sourcing, cost management, production scheduling and quality control.

Telecommunications - Knowing how to effectively use the procedures, best practices, equipment and tools to transmit and broadcast signals, data, voice communications and visual media. Understanding how to design, develop, test, install, maintain, repair and troubleshoot a communication network across land line, cellular, satellite, wireless and computer platforms.

Transportation - Knowing how to design, develop, implement, manage and upgrade systems and procedures to move goods and people by land, water, rail and air across cities, countries, and continents. Understanding how to develop and implement best practices in scheduling, loading, cost management, security and safety.

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Life Path 5: Adventuring Knowledge Area

Survival - Knowing the practices, procedures, materials, tools and strategies for ensuring the survival of people and property under adverse and life threatening circumstances. Knowledge of causes and effects of adverse environmental, chemical, biological and other survival conditions.

Safety and Security - Knowing how to detect, anticipate, prevent and handle safety and security events and causes. Knowledge of the procedures, practices, policies, equipment, tools, materials and personnel used in handling security and safety issues and events.

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Life Path 6: Healing & Teaching Knowledge Area

Biology - Knowing how to research and use the physical structure, behavior, and inherent nature of plants and animals to solve problems, fight disease, aid healing, and promote balance in local and global ecosystems.

Education and Training - Knowing how to develop, implement and optimize principles, techniques, strategies, best practices to inform, educate and enlighten. Understanding how to plan, design, prototype, test and deliver curriculum and training programs in schools, colleges, universities and training facilities. Knowing what skills, knowledge and levels of judgment need to be imparted and developed for a person or group to be effective in a particular course of action, vocation, career or endeavor.

Medicine and Dentistry - Knowing how to sense, recognize, diagnose, treat and transcend human injuries, trauma, disorders, diseases and disabilities. Understanding the principles and methods of disease and healing to effectively promote the body's innate healing response with preventive health care, natural mind-body-spirit treatments, routine checkups, therapy, healthy lifestyle changes, drugs and surgery.

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Life Path 7: Scientific Knowledge Area

Biology - Knowing how to research and use the physical structure, behavior, and inherent nature of plants and animals to solve problems, fight disease, aid healing, and promote balance in local and global ecosystems.

Chemistry - Knowing how to investigate the principles and forces at work in chemicals and document the structure, properties, transformations and interactions of chemical compositions. Understand how to use chemicals safely and effectively to create new substances as well as how to gather, process, manufacture, handle, store and dispose of them.

Geography - Knowing how to investigate, document and analyze the physical landscape, vegetation, fauna, and formations of land and water. Understanding the interrelationships between the physical environment and the biosphere to effectively manage bio resources.

History and Archeology - Knowing how to investigate, document and analyze the past, with a focus on civilizations, cultures, important events, historical trends, lifestyle choices, physical artifacts, and the inner working of cause and effect in human events. Understanding the development of ideas, the role of discoveries and the impact of key thinkers and doers on human development.

Mathematics - Knowing how to apply the principles of numbers to investigate, document and analyze the world and universe around us. Understanding how to apply the methods of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, linear and non-linear equations and statistics to solve problems, understand events, analyze trends and make new discoveries.

Physics - Knowing how to investigate, document, analyze and apply the principles and forces of energy in the form of matter, sound and light. Understand the laws and principles that describe the properties, behavior and interrelationships of fluids, solids and plasmas in terms of their electrical, mechanical, atomic, subatomic structures and use them to solve problems, understand our world and the universe, and make new discoveries.

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Life Path 8: Administrative Knowledge Area

Administration and Management - Knowing how to apply the principles, best practices, and strategies to create, manage and optimize human and other resources to achieve a goal. Understand how to plan, organize, allocate, schedule, coordinate, and lead in order to solve problems, create goods and deliver services.

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Life Path 9: Guiding Knowledge Area

Philosophy and Theology - Knowing how to investigate, document and communicate ideas about how the world and universe were created and our place in it. Understand how to develop and use tools to guide, mentor, and inspire others on their journey through life and the universe. Knowing how to explore and express insights about the nature of reality, human values, ethics, cultural customs, and new and old ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.

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