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A Master Resume Makes Job Hunting Easier

If you need a fast way to make great custom resumes, consider creating a master resume. It can save you time, help you get organized, and produce a tailored resume in less than half an hour. And it makes filling out applications for schools, scholarships and internships a lot easier and faster.


What is a Master Resume?

A master resume is a document that lists and completely describes all your work experience, accomplishments, and training -- all in one place. So if you have ever struggled to find old pay stubs, offer letters and transcripts -- this will help you pull all this information together and put it in one place in a useable form.

A master resume can be anywhere from four to twenty pages long. In it, you list every summer, part time and full time job you have had, along with internships and volunteer positions. Here you have the space to fully list your responsibilities, major assignments, special projects and accomplishments.

You also include all the classes you have taken, the degrees and certificates you have earned and all the details you need about dates, grades and special awards.

Once you have written your master resume, you proof and spell check it so it is ready to go. Now you have a complete, accurate and honest list of all of your accomplishments. You can place a complete copy of your resume in your portfolio to help you prepare for interviews and highlight skills not covered in the resume you submitted with your application. But the real power behind your master resume is the ability to quickly cut and paste selected work histories to create custom resumes and cover letters.


Why Invest The Time?

Creating a master resume does require investing a lot of time up front. You can spend from 4 to 20 hours, depending on how much work experience you have. But this investment pays off handsomely in the long run.

Here are some of the reasons why ...


Using Your Master Resume

Once you have a master resume that includes ALL of your relevant experience and skills, you can create a customized resume for a specific job, scholarship or business opportunity. You can create a custom resume in less than half an hour by ...


To make your resume more effective, you can then tailor it to fit the job advertisement and the company research you have done. So, like any great resume, your final custom resume should ...


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