Know How To Avoid Really Bad Jobs?


Experience is not what happens to a man.
It is what a man does with what happens to him.
- Aldous Huxley


Take This Job & Shove It ... But Not More Than Once

Have you had a series of jobs that just have not worked out ... or a string of really bad jobs? Do you want to avoid working at a ‘job from hell’? If so, here are a few suggestions for using what you have learned about what went wrong to avoid more bad jobs in your future.


Create A "Things To Avoid" List

Often time mellows our memories and softens the harsh life lessons we have learned. However, the last thing you want to do is encounter the same problem over and over again.

So take a few moments and create a list of "things to avoid in future jobs".

Add items to your list when new ideas occur to you or a memory surfaces. This list will become a very valuable resource when you need to look for a new job or evaluate job offers. Often it can clarify the subtle but meaningful differences between competing job offers.


Create A "Life Lessons" File

Keep a file or a notebook to jot down the things you learned from past jobs that did not work out. Think about each problem and write down how you plan to avoid it in the future. Ideas could include ...

Add to your file each time you get a new insight. Soon you will have a very good resource to use to spot and avoid companies and positions that are not right for you.


The Next Step

Doing these things can help you avoid encountering the same problems. But you want to do more than just avoid problems. So take a moment to learn more about ...

Finding Great Work You Love


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