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Life often turns out to be very different than we thought it would be. Twists and turns can lead us down a very different path than we planned. Yet, the way may reveal a very different part of ourselves ... and teach us the delights and woes we most need to understand.


Golden Section Character

Golden Section Character



Buddha Raises A Flower

Buddha Raises A FLower




Life AGes 5: Mature Adult / Justice (Faux Mail ARt Postcard)

Just Us



Discover Fate & Destiny

When you want to break out of the mold you were born into, try describing what fate has in store for you.


Postcard Mail ARt: The Three Fates - Weaving Destiny   Postcard Front: Fate & Dreams (SAbian Symbol Cancer 22)


Solve The Puzzle on the Box of Life


Solve Puszzle Who You Are

Your Box of Life


BOx of Life Envelope ... When you were born, you were given a box of life to play with. Inside that box were puzzles made up of many interlocking pieces. Each represented a possibility of who you could become. One was your fate, another your destiny if you discovered, developed and used  all of your potential.Have you opened up your box  yet, and looked inside?  ~ Manifest

Life Journey Goal: Success and Eat That Frog!

What Should I Do With My Life? (art card)


Living An Extraordinary Life

When life moves out of the ordinary, the extraordinary takes center stage.


Understanding Nonsense: Green and Symbolic Language (I Ching 37 Family Unity Postcard Series)

Find & Hit Mark of Swet SPot in Life      Postcard: Amaozon Parrot re:sighting Green Poetry


Mangae Your Life Stages

Life moves forward in stages ... helping us develop ourselves and the world around us.


Life Stage Art: Exploring       Life sTage ARt: Focusing       Life sTage ARt: Life Calling       


Life sTage ARt: Excelling        Life sTage ARt: Mastering       Life sTage ARt: Transcending         Life sTage ARt: RE:genesis


Life sTage ARt: Working

Understand Your Life Ages

Life is divided by Shakesphere* into eight life ages that help guide us through our entrances and exits on the stages of life.


Icon Life Ages 1: Childhood / Infant  Life Age 2: Adolescent / STudent   Life Age 3: Young Adult / Lover

Life Age 4: Householder  Age 5: Mature Adult  Age 6: Elder

Life Ages 7: Sage / Second Childhood  Life Age 8/0: Death & Transition


Choose Your Life Goals

We all can benefit from carefully choosing the destination or goals of our lives.


John The Baptist's Head on a Silver Platter    Self Fulfillment    The Beloved     Places: Infinite Void & The Buddy System

Experience The Transcendant  Life Manifest 


Icon: Life Goal - Attaining Enlightenment


Alchemical Process 12 - Art Postage Stamp   Alchemical Process 13 - Art Postage Stamp  Alchemical Process 14 - Art Postage Stamp


Extraordinary Living    All life is suffering ... al1 life is joy


Extraordinary Abilities of The Soul Way (28)


Way of Creativity


Heart Cornucopia - Pluto Playin g21  Heart Cornucopia - Pluto Playin g21 Red



Dark Knight of The Soul (Mail Art: Postcard)   

The Gryphon / The Snoozing Sphinx with Questions


Extraordinary Life - Actress Queen Bee


Extraordinary Life Relationships (Spiritus Mundi)   

Holy Grail Postcard

Life Is A Journey



Icon: Clues & hints for game of Life (suigyo)   Icon: Astrology (Clues & hints to life) Astrological Calendar by Petrus  Apianus

Icon: Numbers (8 pence Blue War and Canoe Stamp) Icon: The Fool Tarot Card  


Handle Life's Events

Do you know what is occuring in your life and waht lies ahead on the journey?



FAux Mail ARt (Artist Poscard): DEath as Friend (Cementaria and Quasimodo)  


Art: Midlife Crisis - The C.hanged Man (emotional toll of a midlife crisis)



Follow Your Life Journey

When Life calls, will you pick up the phone and join in the adventure that Life offers?


 Gnosis Path to Know Sis (Mr Mr, Soul Sister)  Hermetic Path ... for Life's Journey


Find Light & Virtues

Sometimes, it just takes a little light to illuminate a darkened world.


Life WAy Freedom (26) Postcard ... On The Noble Path, Running on Water To the New Shalom Jeu    Cup of All Human Kindness   Forgiveness - Virtue of Life (Notecard)


List of Human Virtues  Virtues Books, Gifts, Tools

Virtues: How You Play The GAme of Life



Play The Game of Life

How do you know how to play and win the game of life?



The Game of Life (Art Notecard)    The Game of Life Quotes  


How TO Play The Game of Life


Master Life Tasks & Lessons

There are many things you can learn while you are here ... so hear these ideas ...



Focus on What is Important   Seek Knowledge


Make Important Decisions by Focusing on What is Important Making & Managing Money ... Funding America


Pursue Happiness ... HAve A visions of What It Looks Like   Life Skills (Foe Mali Art / Postcard / French Flag)





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Cover Art: A grove of trees in the Garden of Eden grace the cover of this book, as depicted by Giovanni di Paolo.


MAnifest Your Potential ... Cadmus SOwing Seeds of Change & Hope


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