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Life Journey Goal: Success and Eat That Frog!

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Is IT a Goal of a Goal?

Succeed at Life. As if it was that easy. For some it is the highest goal in life, the one society awards the highest rewards in terms of status, money and possessions.

However ... for others, it can feel like a life sentence ... where words that move the heart and transcend the spirit are not worth their weight in Gold.

Choice & Definitions

The difference is choice ... knowing that you have one ... and deciding what success looks like to you, your family, your loved ones, your generation and your culture.

How you define success will determine what you are going after and what you are willing to do to achieve it. Life is strange. Sometimes, like aLice in Wonderland, the natives seem in charge. And what started out as a good idea .. can go amiss .. or South to the ... {island name deleted to protect the innocent}.

King of The Castle

But if you would like to be the King of our Castle, the captain of your own ship ... you need to meet life on terms you can succeed at. Not try and fail, not give one for the gipper, not quite reach the brass ring and miss it by an inch or two.

Too often, the definition chosen allows too few to succeed ... and the dreams of life are turned to dust.

Grasping the brass ring takes guts, know-how, courage and finesse. Having a few inside tips about the lessons of life, the skills you need to master, and how to embrace the events and experiences of your life can make or break you. And making it on the Wheel of Life is a lot more fun than braking it (if you know what I mean ...).

Defining Success In A Nut/shell

So, choose a definition of success that makes sense to you ...

... and don't wait for a coconut to drop on your head.

P. S. You begin, by eating the ugliest frog!


What Does It Take To Succeed At Life?


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