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Landing The Big One ...

Getting hired for your dream job is a step by step process anyone can learn. It's is the step with the biggest payoff ... like landing a big fish. But careful preparation has meant you have become a dream candidate .. the ideal person for the position.

So this step is really about getting noticed and showing all the people who are involved in hiring you ... what you can do and become.

So why don't more people do it?

Beyond Preparation H(elp)

It can feel like a monstrous tasks to get up off the couch or from behind the computer screen ... and get to work. The idea of the rejection alone is more than enough to keep many from taking the steps they need to get hired at the work they love and dream about.

Going Fishing

The best way to land a great job ... a Big Fish ... is to have your net out and trolling long before you get hungry for a new job. And then when you are ready, you plant the right hook at the right time in front of the person hiring you for your dream job.

Does it sound fanciful? Taking about fulfilling dream jobs like a hiring manager is fishing for .. the dream candidate .. The Big One .. the One they just can not let get away.

Managers tell stories like fishermen do ... about the perfect job candidate that is just a phone call or resume away. The right person who has not only the right qualifications, by attitude, values, work experience and contribution vision.

So, you can be ready when the job opening is about to be posted by learning ...

How To Get A Call To Interview For Your Dream Job

Showing Not Telling

Words are cheap, especially in an interview. And you do not want to be cheap; So, it pays to develop interview tools that can do the talking for you ... showing what you can actually do.

Just the act of pulling all the information together will set you apart. And if you do it in a way that makes sense for your dream job, you can blow the interviewers socks off.

What you need to do is ..


Create An Awesome Work Portfolio

Create A Master Resume



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