Do You Know the Difference Between Fate & Destiny?


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Accepting Your Fate or Creating A Destiny

Do you want to follow your fate? Or are you dying to change it and follow your destiny instead? Do you know the difference between the two ... fate and destiny?

One of the primary tasks every individual faces is deciding whether to follow the path fate has in store for them or work on manifesting their potential and living up to their destiny.

It is a solemn task that needs to be undertaken with a light heart ... and the midwifes here help with the process.

Playing vs. Ploughing

Most people see the game of life as made up of two opposites -- winning and losing. However, I see things differently -- as a choice between fate and destiny.


Some people just want to play at life, take it easy and work with what their family, society and generation outline as their expectations for you.

Others want to work at life, to plough the field of possibilities, sow their seeds of greatness, nurture their potential and reap their own rewards. They want to define who they are ... and live in a house of their own making.

The decision of which to choose is a highly personal choice ... both equally accepted and supported by Islanders who know the value of both moving with the tides and striving against the current of society. We embrace both the left and right hand paths of Joseph Campbell, knowing that each offers valuable lessons and life experiences.

Embracing Fate with Arms Wide Open

There is serious work to be done in the world ... and each culture, society and generation shapes the message, means and methods for getting that work done. From popular movies and TV show themes ... to hot majors and job outlook reports ... the world is teeming with possibilities to work hard and succeed.

Fortune, fame and favor are offered to those who step up to fulfilling the cultural needs of each age ... from landing on the moon to inventing Velcro or founding Google. Microchip engineers, software programmers and gamers replace buggy whip makers and wheel wrights. Astronauts replace Artic explorers. Neurosurgeons replace shamans. Genetists and pharma-suit-acle chemists replace snake oil and patent remedies salesmen.

The underlying life paths remain the same, but the job titles, tools, products and services adjust to the times you live in. And all of these are encoded into the world we are educated in and grow up in .. along with the values, lifestyles and popular choices people make.

What Makes The Difference ... Potential

On the other side of the coin of the realm is the discovery of your potential ... what you could be great at, if you have the resources and opportunities. Potential lies all around your feet, like a treasure waiting to be found.

And once you have discovvered* your potential, the challenge shifts to developing it and seeing how many of your dreams you can make come true.

Since you are taking total responsibility for your life, you are the one who decides what winning the game of life looks like, what life goal you are working on and how well you are working towards that goal.

The Choice is Yours ....

Whether you follow your fate or follow your destiny is up to you. No one else can make that decision for you .. just as no one else can make your heart beat for you or taste for you.

The banquet of life is yours to pursue.


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