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Welcome to the art room of Self Discovery.
Here you can look at art that reflects a journey of self discovery.
Perhaps they can spark a journey of your own?


A Journey of Self Discovery

For centuries, humans have been taking their own adventures into the unknown to discover who they are, what they truly believe, and unearth the treasure buried inside of them. The art here gives old, forgotten masterpieces new life and meaning. Read more ...


Self Discovery Art Veil drawn aside ... (Sabian Symbol Scorpio 20)      Don't Tell the Initiate ANything (Sabian Symbol Art: Aquarius 12 / 21)

 Who Am I ... A Big Question of Life      Why Am I Here (Big Question of Life Art)


Being Unique

When you start to ask "What Makes Me Unique?" ... the art guides you to modern answers that make sense of your life. Read More ...


You are unique life expression (inspirational art quotes)        Feeling Socially Awkward about Being Different Art


Take A Journey of Self Discovery

Answer some of Life's biggest questions, keep a journal and seek to know thyself by discovering the myth you are living.


Why am I Unique ... A Vision in Finger Prints


Who Am I?   Big Question of Life: Why Am I Here?   Big Life Question: Where AM I COming From?   Big Life Question: Where AM I Going?


Being As Unique As Your Fingerprint     How Find Myself


Icon: Journey To Discover Yourself   KNow Thyself - Socrateesa  Keeping a Personal Journal (Icon)

What Inspires YOu?   Life Questions To Think About

Find Your Concept .. Pigs Can Fly .. Id Careers



What Makes Me Unique ... My Personal Potential   Self Discovery Postcard  

Journey of Self Discovery


Who Do I Want TO Be (Big Life Question)


Where AM I GOing? SAnta's Workshop? Big Life Question (Mail Art)  My Personal Notebook of Dreams, Ideas & Moore  



A tale of two columns (a play on the titEL A tail of 2 Cities) ... it was the best of NY Times, it was the wurst of Times  


Carl Jung - Task of Tasks - The Myth You Are Living


Find Your Life Path

When you go looking for a path to follow in life, do you know when you hae found it?

Icon: Find Your Lifepath (Discover Yourself Step 1)


Life Path Two: Nurturer, Grower, Advisor, Counsel, Supporter, Developer     Life Path Six: Teacher, Healer, Librarian, Knowledge Worker     Life Path Seven: Researcher, Analyst, Investigator, Journalist, Scientist, Mathematician

Life Path One    Life Path Three: Expressive, Artist, Performer, Writer, Musician    Life Path Five: Adventurer, Cowboy, Warior, Protector, Guard, Athlete


Life Path Six: Teacher, Healer, Librarian, Knowledge Worker, Manager    Life Path Nine: Guide, Mentor, Sage, Humanitarian



Discover Your Bliss

Do you know where true happiness lies?


Icon: Find Your BLiss (Discover Yourself Step 2)


Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Your Gifts & TAlents .... a Perfumer's Nose  Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Things You Love ... Hack.el STep.He. Idea Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Activities You Love .... Cosmic Wallet (hidden my pitcherS)


Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: People You Love .... Tribal face (Buckwheat)  Places You Love .... Perfect Reflection of Morning Light on Sea Coast Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Activities You Love .... Cosmic Wallet (hidden my pitcherS)


Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Ideas & Knowledge You Love .... Indra's Net Treasure



Problems You Love To SolveFollow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Problems, Isues & Needs You Love .... Personal Flying Cloak BalloonIssues You Champion



Needs You Love



Business Card: Bread is the Sub.Stance of Life (Where do you stand? What Yeast do you use to let ideas rise?)    Activities You Love = Ptah Creating The World / Cosmos


Activities You Love



Find Your Life Theme

Have any clue what captivates your imagination, stirs your thoughts and grapples with your emotions?



Postcard/Movie Poster: Man in The Mist

Life Ways



Way of Life & Death  Way of Peace, Strife & War

Way of Wisdom & Folly  Way of Creation  Way of Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries (Fixing Holes in Time)

Way of Love (Rose Petals)  Way of Word & Symbol (Crab Claws C-answer)

Way of Energy (The Lion Roar)  Way of Potenital (Flamingo Dancer & The Beast)

Way of Mastery (Samurai Sword)

Way of Justice  Way of Perspective (Angle Dancing on a Pin)  Way of Growth & Learning (Schools of Fish)

Way of Balance  Way of Renewal

Way of Truth Court Yard Foot

Way of Nature (Feather Leaf Erichson)  

Way of Form (Moon face)  Way of Higher Consciousness (Sun Face)  Way of Evolution Apollo SPirit

Way of Beauty & Harmony  Way of Play

Way of Justice  Way of Order  Way of Unity (Sun goes dark)

Way of Freedom (Freed Dumb)

Answer Your Life Calling

Do you know what to say when life calls you to a greater destiny than you ever dreamed of?


Life Calling Art (Letter of Self Discovery)


Compass Rose Tabula Geograregni   What is my Life Calling & Purpose?



Find Your Life Purpose

And when you exit life through the gift shop of life expereinces, will you have completed your mission in life?


Self Discovery Icon: Life Purpose


Artistamp: Compass Rose (Life Calling & Purpose) Poland Roku Map  Old Faithful Life Purpose


Life Purpose  What is Life Purpose  

How Do I Find My Life Purpose?    




Describe Living Your Dreams

Can you describe your future living your dreams and making them come true?


Describe Living Your Dreams


Nine Love STylees       Life Changing Dreams Postcard (Neptune's Island)


Make Your Dreams COme* True

Do you know how to make your dreams come true? Is it even possible? Can a pied piper summon a life that is more than extrordinary?



Make Your dreams Come True


FAmouse Door of Wisdom


Icon: Self Discovery Road House



Self Discovery Postcard



Juno & Host Age Due .... Captivity lead (alchemist) cap.T.IV.Eve

Capitivity Lead Captive



Postacard 28 Soel: Pink Monkeyfolwers



Artist Stamp: Life PAth (Moth to Flame in South Pacigs in Snail race)



Manifest Your Potential .com


MAnifest Your Potential ... Cadmus SOwing Seeds of Change & Hope


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