Do You Love To
Nurture, Advise, Grow, or Plan?




A *Second* Path Through Life

Do you love to nurture, grow and nourish things? Thrilled when you get to develop things or give advice? Are you are a natural born cook or harvester of opportunities?

Then you are not alone. For centuries mankind had made a living and a life of working with Nature to plant, grow, cultivate, ripen and harvest things in fields as diverse as agriculture, accounting, and human *consciousness*.

Doing What You Love

When you do what you love, and work with the things you love ... your life changes. Things fall into place, like the puzzle pieces of your potential. And when they do ... and you love to grow and nurture things ... you reap a sweet harvest in the form of a life well lived, doing what you love. You may not be able to change the content of your life ... what leaps into your box of life events and situations.

But you can make sure that you work with the things you love, so the form your life takes makes sense. You know that if you love to have your hands in the soil. Or love pouring over financial charts to help your client's portfolio flourish. Or weed out the bad habits so the lives of the people you life coach can thrive.

Growing Lives, Stocks & Bonds

At the heart of life path two are the activities of nurturing, caring for, growing and developing things. What those things are depend on what you love ... what you love to grow ... which can range from plants, animals or the environment ... to people, bank accounts or buildings.

If you are drawn to a life path of nurturing and growing, you are one of the warm centered people who everyone turns to when the world falls apart or they need a strong cup of tea and some good advice. You patch things back together, find the silver lining in the cloud of tears, and use it to turn the bad into good ... the loss into a profit.

Life speaks to you in a different way ... and you turn lemons into lemonade, a market crash into an opportunity to buy philosopher's gold, and tears into the water that nourishes a profound change in how things are done.

If you love to help Nature restore harmony and manage the budding of spring and *the* harvest of the fall ... you might be interested in these five life activities ...




Growers, Farmers, Gardeners Careers


Growers, Farmers & Gardeners



Developer Careers



Developers & Planners

Cooks, Chefs, Baker Careers


Cooks, Bakers & Chefs


Advisors & Counselors Careers - Every Drop of Rain Yods & Manna from Heaven


Advisors & Counselors


Caring & Hospitality Careers

Caring & Hospitality


Fishermen Careers... Fishing for clients, sales and stars




Taking The Next Step

Long to see if this is your life path?

If so, the best way is to look around at the ideas of life path 2 .. and see if they are a part of the activities you love to do. You can also ...


read inspiring quotes


check out Personal care & Service Occupations



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