Do You Love To
Express, Act, Create, Perform, or Sing?


Artist (Georgia O'Keefe Like Sunset Painting)  Life Path Three: Expressive, Artist, Performer, Writer, Musician


Expressing The Life Force In All of Us

Do you love to create art or tell stories? Are you drawn to performing .. dancing, singing, or making music? DO you love to express all that you see and feel about the world and the human experience? Are you naturally expressive?

If so, an expressive lifestyle and career might be just for you.

Life Path 3 Activities

Although each lie path 3 career creates in a different field or medium .. all of them are focused on expressing something they sense, think, feel or see. From writing fiction and poetry to composing, painting and sculpting ... Expressives create illusions and allusions which reveal the truth about ourselves, our world, and out place in our universe.

By sharing their ideas, feelings and thoughts with us, they inspire, influence and invite us deeper into the mystery of being human. They craft stories and myths that entertain us, songs that move us, images that haunt our dreams and the performances that blow our minds.

Whether they are depicting inner or outer landscapes -- they put into words, motion, paint, stone, clay, fiber, and ink our fears, hopes, dreams and nightmares.

Here are the major life path 3 professions ...



Actor, Actress Career Path 3



Artist (Georgia O'Keefe Like Sunset Painting)


Do you love to capture images and create art? Are you drawn to portraying and revealing the hidden reality of life through canvas, clay, textiles, paint and ink? Do you look at the world and see it differently than those around you? Do you want to work one-on-one with ideas and concepts of life, culture and the human experience?


Storytellers (Owls & Llamas) Life Path 3



Performers, Dancers, Singers



Life Path Three: Expressive, Artist, Performer, Writer, Musician





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