Want To Identify Your Life Paths?


Life Path One: Explorers   Life Path Two: Chefs, Bakers, Cooks  Life Path Seven: Scientists & Astronomers



Curious about what path to take in life? Looking for the perfect career and not sure how to get started? If so, you have come to the right place.

The books on this bookshelf help you identify and follow your life path by dividing up the idea of your life's work into nine categories ... which you can mix and match to get a handle on what you want to do for a living. The nine categories are ...

Life Path One: Innovating & Envisioning

Innovating & Envisioning are the activities at the heart of life path one. Here are the specific careers you can follow ..



Life Path One: Explorer



Life Path One: Explorers

If you love to explore, perhaps this life path is for you. Whether you love to explore intriguing alleys, the seven seas or the mysteries of the human genome ... exploring new frontiers and mapping them is what this life path is all about.




Life Path One: Discoverer by Manifest



Life Path One: Discoverers

Before a new land, idea or theory can be explored and mapped .. it must be discovered. At the forefront of technology, space or the threshold of neutrons ... discoverers go boldly where others fear to tread.




Life Path One: Inventor by Manifest


Life Path One: Inventors

Creating something new is not easy .. but it is not hard either. Nature often give clues to successful strategies and the form solutions take when time has tested them.




Life Path One: Pioneers



Life Path One: Pioneers

Once someplace new has been discovered and explored, it is time for the pioneers to be the first to move in and really walk the terrain, get to know it and make it home.




Life Path One: Innovator by Manifest



Life Path One: Innovators

While inventors create new things, innovators create new ideas and services. Often by making new combinations, seeing opportunities that have opened up, or working at the intersection of ideas or technology.




Life Path One: Visionary by Manifest



Life Path One: Visionaries

Visionaries see what lies ahead or hidden from the view of others. Whether they see the future, possibilities or potential ... their dreams and visions can chart a path for the discovery of new ideas, insights and ways of being.





Life Path One: Entrepreneurs by Manifest



Life Path One: Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs turn ideas and visions of the future into organizations and businesses that deliver on that vision and create a new reality of what is possible for their clients and customers through goods and services that did not exst before.





Life Path Two: Growing & Nurturing

Nurturing and growing things to help them thrive is at the core of these careers ...



Life Path Two: Growers & FArmers


Life Path Two: Growers

If you love to grow and nurture things, this life path might be for you. Whether it is a vineyard, a garden, or a portfolio of investments ... helping things grow and thrive can be very rewarding.



Life Path Two: Developer & Child Care by Manifest


Life Path Two: Developers & Caregivers

Before an idea can gain a foothold or a person can thrive ... someone needs to help them develop and reach their potential. Care, understanding, and right action are all needed ... to help the things and people you love thrive.





Life Path Two: Chef, Baker, Cook


Life Path Two: Cooks, Bakers & Chefs

Creating something that nourishes the body and feeds the soul is not easy ... especially when your energy and passion transfer into the food you make. But few professions have as much impact on the loves around you ... which is why the cook in Zen retreats is the most important job.




Life Path Two: Counselor



Life Path Two: Advisors

Everyone needs wise counsel -- so good advice is worth its weight in gold. If you can find and deliver the right words at the right time, you can change history one person at a time.




Life Path Three: Expressing & Performing

Expressives love to share ideas, emotions, insights and the twists and turns of human existence. Here are a few of the major career groups ...


Life Path Three: Artists & Expressives  Life Path Three: Perfomer

Life Path Three: Writers & Storytellers  Life Path Three: Actors  Life Path Three: Musicians


Life Path Four: Building & Making

Building & Making things keep many humans well employed all over the world .. turning raw materials, great ideas and human needs and wants into physical objects we all use ...


Life Path Four: Builders Book  Icon: Book of Makers (Life Path 4)

Icon: Book of Planners (Life PAth 4)  Icon: Book Of Foundry WOrkers (Life PAth 4)


Life Path Five: Risk Taking & Protecting

Risk Taking is what life paths in the fifth group thrive on and deal with everyday. There careers include ...


Life Path Five: Athletes Book   Life Path Five: Hunters Book   Life Path 2/Five: Fisherman and HArvesters Book


Life Path Six: Healing & Teaching

Healing & Teaching and the other career paths help create and use knowledge to improve the world and human existence. These life paths include ...


Life Path Six: Teachers  Life Path Six: Healers  Life Path Six: Knowledge WOrkers  

Life Path Six: Librarian & Researcher by Manifest Books


Life Path Seven: Investigating & Analyzing

Investigating and communicating the truth about our world and the underlying reality is at the heart of these life paths ..


Life Path Seven: Scientists & Astronomers  Life Path Seven: Journalist & Memebers of Press


Life Path Eight: Owning, Directing & Executing

Executing & Directing are the seeds of running a great business or organization. These careers include ...


Life Path Eight: Founders  Life Path Eight: Executives  Life Path Eight: Directors & Organizers


Life Path Nine: Guiding & Mentoring

Guiding & Mentoring others to find what they seek and reach their goals and potential is what these life paths focus on ..


Life Path Nine: Mentors    Life Path Nine: Sages     Life Path Nine: Philosophers


Life Path Zero: Lost, Still Searching & Clueless

Lost & Clueless is how people following this initial life path usually describe themselves. But they have not yet found the right career ... but are working on trying to zero in on it.



Life Path 0: Still Searching, Lost, Undecided or Clueless by Manifest Books

Life Path Zero: Lost, Clueless or Still Searching

You are not alone if you are holding out for seo.me.thing more extraordinary, are still undecided in your college major, or feel lost without a clue where to start finding your thing in life.




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