Cusious About The Connection Between Life Paths & Numerology?




Life Paths & Numerology

Interested in numerology and life path meanings? Curious how to use a life path number to find a career filled with meaning and purpose?

If so, you have come to the right place to start putting numerology and life paths to work in your life.


Ancient Wisdom & Numbers

Ancient wisdom systems have long held that numbers carry or reflect basic, universal energies. And these energies are reflected and representing throughout nature ... from lone wolves to five petaled flowers.

Everything has its own unique vibrations ... yet are patterns that show a greater order and a harmony among like things. And we use mathematics to represent these relationships between things ... with numbers representing specific types or groups of energy.

Numerology & Life Paths

Numerology is the study of numbers, the inner energy they represent and the relationships between numbers and physical things and intangible events. Many spiritual and enlightenment systems seek to understand the Universe and give meaning to the World through numbers.

One of these systems, called Numerology in the West, uses calculations between numbers and letters to reveal the hidden energies in your name and birth date. And to translate those insights into practical use ... to guide your life. In addition to revealing your heart's desire, life pinnacles and obstacles ... numerology can reveal your life path energy and the meaning behind many life events.

Modernizing Universal Life Paths

Most of the numerology information on life path numbers focused on providing an overview on characteristics, traits and possible careers -- but was not detailed enough to help you find a specific career you would love and be great at. And some of them seemed to reflected mixed energies.

So I set out to clarify the life paths based on the universal energies of numbers and "modernize them" into universal life paths that any age, culture, or society would recognize.


Life Path 0 - Lost, Clueless or Still Searching: We all lose our way or struggle to figure out who were are and what career we are supposed to be working at. When we are most lost and uncertain, it is because we face the unlimited possibilities that represent the undefined Aleph.

Life Path 1 - Innovation & Envisioning: These careers center around the activities of discovering, exploring, pioneering, inventing, innovating and being visionary ... just what anyone with a magic wand wood dew.

Life Path 2 - Nurturing & Growing: The nurturing career paths include growing, farming, harvesting, care giving, developing and advising ... like the veil showing palm trees and pomegranates.

Life Path 3 - Expressive: The expressive career paths include storytelling, artist, actor, writer, performer, dancer and anyone else who, like the Empress, focuses on expressing ideas, feelings or insights.

Life Path 4 - Building: The building career paths include builder, designer, planner, organizer, manager ... and reflect the windows which turn a box into a home.

Life Path 5 - Adventure: These risk taking careers include adventurer, athlete, guard, warrior and hunter ... and reflect the extra blessing and intuition those who put themselves in harm's way need.

Life Path 6 - Healing & Teaching: The dual energies in this life path center around using knowledge to serve others ... so the careers that fit include healer , shaman, doctor, nurse, surgeon, teacher, professor, knowledge worker, and librarian. Which explains nicely the Tree of Knowledge.

Life Path 7 - Truth Seeking: These careers all center around seeking, finding and sharing the truth with others, and range from investigator and journalist to scientist, and mathematician. To seek, we sometimes have to travel far distances ... in the world or in our minds.

Life Path 8 - Directing: The careers that fit the number 8 energy include founder, executive, and director. If you can get a lion to roar on cue, maybe you belong at MGM studios.

Life Path 9 - Guiding: These careers all involve helping people find their way and include guide, mentor, sage, philosopher and humanitarian. If you want to get ahead of the pack and shine a light for others to follow, the 9 energy is at work.


Now if you look across the ages, you will see that Roman soldiers and farmers would fit into this system ... so would medieval times with merchants, artists and ruling princes ... whether you are talking about Europe, India, China or Japan. Aboriginal and native cultures closely tied to Nature and the Dreamtime would also recognize these life paths ... in the form of hunters, shamans, chefs , cooks and growers.

And they also work in modern times, with the revolutionary changes in choice and complexity. Many modern careers no longer fit within just one life path ... making it much harder to navigate the 100,000+ careers you can now choose from.

Understanding how you can combine life paths in unique ways can reveal the perfect career, which might not have existed a few years ago ...


... and remove a lot of the angst from the process of finding your life's work.

Adding Meaning To Your Life

Using numerology and life paths can help you find the perfect career and lifestyle for you ... and create a life filled with meaning as you spend your days doing what you care about and love.




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