Do You Love To Protect, Have Adventures or Take Risks?


Adventurers & Treasure Hunters   Fishermen ... Fishing for clients, sales and stars



Turning A Thirst for Adventure into Gold

Do you love adventure and risk taking? Do you dream of being a warrior, spy, cowboy or champion athlete?

Going for the gold .. whether in the Olympics, search and rescue or treasure hunting ... is what life path 5 is all about. You work and with and manage risk ... while working with nature and the elements ... to make a life full of excitement.

Life Path 5 Activities

At the heart of Life Path 5 are the activities of seeking adventure, protecting others, facing danger, overcoming risks and triumphing. People who follow this path deal with risk to ensure peace and security for all of us, as well as create thrilling adventures. They also put their bodies into action or harms way ... pushing the limits of what is humanly possible.

Here is a quick overview of the major types of life path 5 professions ...



Athletes Life Career Path Activities (Icon)




Adventurers & Treasure Hunters




Fishermen ... Fishing for clients, sales and stars



Hunters & Hunting Career (The Buck Stops HEre)




Protector & Guars Lifepath & Careers (Art Icon)


Guards & Protectors


Icon: Warrior George and the Dragon Slayed






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