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Life Path Nine: Guide, Mentor, Sage, Humanitarian


Clarity of mind brought about by dependence on what is right can transform the world and perfect it.

- Chinese saying


helping Others Find What They Are Looking For

Do you love to guide or mentor others? Feel like you are a sage, humanitarian, world leader or philanthropist in the making? If so, you have come to the right place.

Using your wisdom, experience and expertise to solve problems and help people find what they seek and reach their goals .. is at the heart of life path 9. Whether you work one-on-one with a client or groups ... at the level of the individual or a nation help the entire world evolve.

Life Path 9 Activities

Life path nine careers and lives revolve around the core activities of guiding, mentoring, saging, philosophizing and leading the world by example. It relies on meting people where they are in life and working with them to help them see and realize their destiny.

Here is a quick overview of the major types of life path 9 professions ...



Guides get U where you are going


People show us who they are ... by where they have been and how they guide us to attain our hopes, dreams and ambitions. Guides work actively to show you the path and help you navigate through the landscape, pointing out the things and situations you need to be aware of. They plan for life events and have a plan for how to capitalize on the opportunities and minimize the dangers.


Humanitarians & WOrld Did.ti.zens

World Citizens & Leaders

World citizens view the world as a whole, rather than as separate entities drawn on a map and fought over for centuries. They seek peace and prosperity for all things .... so they can co-exist in harmony and balance. They work tirelessly to bring order and stability and to reveal universal principles that will guide the world in its evolution.



Philosophers (plato)


These lovers of wisdom look at the world and try to understand it, our place in it and how we can remain in harmony with it. They then work to share the ideas and insights they have, as well as become living examples of the principles and values they have tested and adopted as their own.



Sages / follow in the footsteps of master and Pod.IA.Trysts


Wise men and women work to help leaders and societies respond to the tasks, challenges and crises they are having trouble with. Their share their insights about the underlying forces at work, the options for taking wise action, and outline some of the steps required to implement a strategy that will minimize the dangers, weather the storm, and take advantage of right timing and the play of cosmic and interpersonal forces. They work to help the world, as well as the person or organization, prosper.


Mentors Tryst with STyle


Mentors work with you one-on-one for a limited time to help you with a specific obstacle, challenge or opportunity. They bring their vast amount of experience and wisdom to help you understand the situation you face, the forces involved, your options and the likely consequences of each ... and then let you decide what is in your best interests and chart your course.




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