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Healers, Doctors,  Nurses & Shamans      Teachers, Instructors, Professors         MAnagers & Supervisors


Creating & Using Knowledge

Do you love to use knowledge? Are you drawn to sharing information? Do you naturally teach, heal or organize those around you? If so, you might find that a life path 6 career is well suited to you ..

Knowledge is the main tool used. Although the knowledge they use, and how they apply it, varies ... it is always involved with finding practical solutions and improving the world and everything in it.

Put to good use, knowledge brings chaos into balance with order ... light is balanced with darkness, and the harmony of design and function is established.

Life Path 6 Activities

People who follow this life path focus on creating, sharing and using knowledge to teach, heal and conduct business. They illuminate the world by communicating concepts, sharing ideas, mapping knowledge landscapes, and putting the knowledge they have to practical use to heal, inform, entertain and manage.

Some of the career paths include ...



Teachers, Instructors, Professors



Knowledge Workers (Researchers, Analysts, Librarians)

Knowledge Workers


Writers & Authors (non fiction) the pen is mighter than the s.word



Healers, Doctors,  Nurses & Shamans

Healers, Doctors & Nurses


If you are interested, come learn more about life path 6 ... there is lots more to explore. You can browse online for books, art and gifts ...




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