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Life Path One ... Creating New Pathways

Working your way through the maze of life is easier if you have a path to follow. And those who love innovating and envisioning have a number of very interesting life paths they can choose from ... depending on where their passion lies.

Life Path 1 Activities

At the core of life path one is a love affair with the new and unknown. Each career deals with it in a slightly different way. First, the unknown is discovered and explored. Then the new territory attracts pioneers who start to live and get to know the area and make it their home.

Inventors and innovators work on transforming new ideas into physical objects, services, practices and ways of living. And visionaries dream up the future and point out all the possibilities ... seeing into the unknown so that discoverers have clues where to look for new discoveries.

Some of the career paths include ...



Discoverers & Discovering Careers (ARt Ship)




Do you love to explore new places, ideas and ways of doing things? Feel drawn to map out the new territory ... whether it is in the area of physical exploration or checking out the frontiers of science, art, literature, medicine or consciousness (just to name a few)?


Pioneers & Pioneering Crossing the Prarie




Inventors & Inventive Careers




Innovators & Innovating Careers (ARt)




Visionary & Enisioning Careers (Life path 1 art)



Entrepreneurial Careers (Life path 1 art)




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