Do You Love To Found, Lead, Direct or Administer?


Life Path 8 focuses on working to overcome the limitations of time, money, ideas, resources, and energy to found and build a company, nation, foundation, enterprise, endeavor or project. To achieve this, the emphasis is on executing plans, establishing and running organizations, directing resources, and governing people. People who follow this path excel at decision making, leading, taking responsibility and sharing authority.

To run an enterprise and direct the efforts of others, life path 8 must understand the current times and trends, set appropriate goals, develop effective strategies, administer rules and policies, and inspire the best usage of time, money, people and ideas.

There are several groups that make up life path eight: Founder, Executive, Owner, Director. Each is involved in directing and controling in a slightly different way.





Founders Careers



Business Owners

Business Owners

Owners act as the sole people responsible for the entire endeavor and focus on directing every aspect for day to day operations. This ranges from making future plans and organizing the people, money and other resources to implement them ... to overseeing cash flow and inspiring those around them to reach common goals.

Owners include Steve Jobs of Apple Computers,Bill Gates of Microsoft, and the small business owners who own and operate the businesses in your local strip mall - from dry cleaners to independent bookstores and take-out restaurants.


Executive Careers (CEO, COO, CIO, CFO)




Inventors & Inventive Careers




Entrepreneurial Careers (Life path 1 art)



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