Workshop: What Is Your Life Path?


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Finding Direction & The Right Path

Curious if you are on the right path in life? Not sure which life path to follow? Ready to take the next step in your life but not sure what comes next?

You don't need to be lost in the woods to know you need a reliable compass to show you the direction you need to be traveling in. The path of your life (like the Fidelity green ribbon) appears when you are read to find your life path and follow it.


What is a Life Path?

Like looking for a lost coin or the string to fly a kite ... or a path out of the woods ... your path in life puts you on the road to live the life you were meant to experience. It contains all the life lessons and joy you need to fulfill your life calling and purpose.

But to understand yours, you will need to know ...


Fortunately, this Art Exhibit is just for you ... and is designed to help you discover your life path. Just follow the footsteps.


The First Steps

The first steps are the hardest, especially if you have been hurt or disappointed in the past with finding what you are looking for. But take heart ... the answers are all inside of you. You just need the right thing to trigger your attention and arouse your passion.

Did I mention passion is what we are looking for? Rock your world passion ... something that keeps you up late at night ... or makes you excited and wriggling your toes in the morning, anticipating your day.

But this is real world stuff ... things you actually love to do, spend your time thinking about, drive your friends and family to distraction talking about. A life focus that has staying power throughout your life. A life passion.

Exploring & Journaling

Exploring Your Life Path (Exhibit)

You are about to go exploring ... and you are going to need a journal to keep notes about what you discover and the insights you have. A great looking journal that inspires you and holds all the meaningful ideas and things you are going to be finding is what is needed here. Post it notes are definitely out ... unless you want to paper a bulletin board with them.

You can use a few loose sheets, if that is all you have. But at some point you will want to put all those sheets together, and have a place to stuff things you pick up. Keeping them all together in an "idea folder" is OK, but a journal allows you to paste or tape them in and make comments and notes, and see how your ideas and insights evolve.

If you don't already have an awesome journal for self discovery ... try browsing these to see if you are inspired or drawn to any of them.

Ready To Get Started?

Finding your unique life path starts with getting a handle on the nine life paths. These outline the nine life paths to choose from ... and your life path fits within one or a combination of them. So take a moment to read about them ...

the nine life paths

... and then come back to answer some questions.


Life Path Questions

Here are a few questions to ask yourself ... and jot down any ideas or thought you have in your journal. You don't have to included the questions ... essay form or writing to yourself is fine.


When you read about the nine life paths, did any reflect you?


Did any interest you? Which ones and why?


Keep in mind that you may be interested in several ... and that is fine. It just reflects that you are attracted to multiple life paths -- like many people. Some people like apples, others prefer a combination of fruits. Later we will get into the right mix of life paths .. for now just write down all that really interest you or reflect your interest.


If none interested you, do you identify more with Life path 0?


Sometimes, when we are in the midst of being lost or clueless -- that is what we focus on and identify with. If so, it just means that is where you are right now. And maybe this is a sign that you want to dif into understanding life path 0 more. Like having lots of symptoms and suffering with them -- when you finally get a diagnosis and a name for what you have -- things about your life can start to make sense.

If that is the case, it makes sense to deal with the underlying issues before you try to make sense of figuring out what you want to do with your life.

Prescription: Take some time to learn about life path 0, watch movies and journal to understand how you have been living and why. Then come back when you are ready.


Next Step

Once you start the journey, there is always the next step. And in this instance, you get to choose where you go next. If you are more into movies, or have some strong role models .. start there. If you feel more comfortable browsing shelves to spark ideas .. then go there.

Choose the order ... but do all of the exhibit steps ... so you get a solid idea of your life paths.



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