Do You Know The Difference Between Your Life Calling & Life Purpose?


What is my Life Calling & Purpose?


Finding Your Way Through Life

Going through life without a good idea of your life calling and life purpose is like walking through a strange wood forest without a compass.

Your life calling and purpose are your guides in life, helping you turn guesses into good decisions, see the possibilities around you and recognize opportunities when they arise.

Without them, yo are not likely to see the forest not the trees around you. Life can become a series of problems, setbacks. heartbreaks and disappointments. Far too often, the life lessons you receive only make sense in the light of your life calling and purpose.

What is the Difference?

Often people confuse what their life calling and purpose are. But it is easy to clear up the misunderstanding ...


Does Knowing Mine Make A Difference?

Knowing who you are meant to become, what are are supposed to do with your life and what you felt was so important it was worth taking on the trials and tribulations of life ... really does make a huge difference.

In additions to making better decisions, it can change the course of your life (pun intended). If you are off course, it can give your life new direction and meaning. But that often scares people ... who do not want to change or are scared the knowledge will change all their relationships.

Sometimes it does ... but always for good reasons ... that have to do with not settling and playing it safe.

Looking Around At the World

If you have a moment, take a look around you. Do you see what us Islanders see? A lot of people going through the motions, doing what is expected, but not very happy? People who seem like gray shadows .... people who might have once upon a time been inner.jet.ic* teenagers all fired up to take on the world and make their mark.

But who now just seem to want to make it through the day at a job they don't care for? Who live for the weekends or a dream of retirement .. when they can do what they really want to?

If you had only one shot at life, would you spend it like that?



Using Your Life Purpose To Change Your Life

Living a Life of Guesses

Living A Life with Purpose


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* green language.


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