Know How To Use Your Life Purpose
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Choices, Decisions, Opportunities & Dead ends

Are you wondering what to do with your life purpose once you know it? Are you unsure how to apply it to your life or use it to make a real difference?

On the Bliss Islands, knowing your life purpose and calling comes in handy when making all sorts of choices and decisions -- and is invaluable in spotting opportunities and dead ends.

Knowing the life you want not only changes your life .... it forever reshapes the way you see yourself, your possibilities and your future. And that change impacts the opportunities you see around you and the choices you make.

Turning Guesses Into Choices

Knowing your life purpose takes much of the guess work out life. By defining why you are here and what you want to give to and get out of life, you gain incredible insight into how to make the best choices when deciding ...

A House of Influence

Your life is shaped by the large and small decisions you make each day. Some decisions define your life and last a lifetime ... like what profession you choose and where you go to school.

Even what kind of house you end up buying or living in can be influenced by many things. But when you let others define who you are and what you think you are capable of and deserve ... you do yourself and the ones who love you a disservice.

When you have an understanding of your life calling and purpose, that knowledge acts like a compass that guides you on your journey through life -- always showing you where you will find the most joy, meaning and fulfillment.

No matter how the wind blows, it points to true north ... the direction your life is meant to take you. And when you follow the direction it points out ... you know the feeling. That you are exactly where you should be and you are doing exactly what you need to do. But instead of feeling it once in a blue Moon, it becomes a regular part of your life ... like filling up the gas tank once a week.

Guesses or Goofs?

How do you make decisions if you don't know your life calling and purpose? Do you guess? And how good are those guesses?

Are you making them based on what will bring you the most success, happiness, or enlightenment? Do you know what life goal you are seeking? And how will you know when you have arrived?

Stars & Gorillas

Is anyone still reaching for the stars .... or have you given up because you have failed at trying to grasp the wrong thing?

Lots of people may have opinions of what will be best for you ... but only you know what you are called to do .. and why you are here.

The clues are all around you ... all you have to do is put the pieces of the puzzle together to see the Big Picture. {400 £ gorillas need knot apply}

Once You Have Found IT ...

You get inspired, you eat better ... you don't talk yourself out doing what you love. You go after your dreams. You finish the things that have been hanging around, holding you back and making you feel miserable.

And you start doing the things that make your life better ... taking steps, little by little, to take your life in a new direction.

And in a few weeks, you start to feel better .... and a few months starts seeing the changes bearing fruit ... moving you onto a path that was always there, right under your feet ...

Ready to ...



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