How Do You Find Your Life Purpose?

How Do I Find My Life Purpose?



Figuring Out My Life Purpose

Are you looking for a quiz to help you find your life purpose? Need a few simple questions to get you started on discovering why you are here?

We all can have trouble discovering what we are meant to do with our lives. Few of us are given the insight to know why we are here. But we can discover our own answers, if we ask ourselves the right questions and work on getting clear answers that make sense of our lives.

Below is a quick quiz to help you get started .... and develop a "working" sentence of your life purpose. Combined with the step by step guide to finding your life purpose, you will a lot more about yourself and you reason for living.

The Life Purpose Quiz

Does it work? The only way to know is to try it ... So take out your journal, a blank notebook or a sheet of paper and ponder each of these questions.

Ask yourself each question and write down whatever comes to you, no matter how silly or off the wall. Do not be surprised if the first 10 or 20 answers are spilling back to you the things you have heard others say or you have read somewhere. Often, you have to empty out all the rote answers you were given or picked up before you get to the intuitive answers that come truly from deep inside of you.

Keep asking the questions and writing down the answers until you have at least 50 answers, you keep getting the same answer, or you keep drawing a blank.


Why am I here?


What did I come to learn about?


What did I come to experience ?


What did I come to understand?


What do I need to leave with?


What has to happen to know I have achieved my purpose in my life?


Who can help me with my life purpose?


What else do I need to know about my life purpose?


When will I know I am done?


What is my purpose in life?


Working with Your Answers

Once you have answered all of the questions, go back over them and see if you have anything more to add. Yo might want to put your answers aside for a day or two and then come back and ask them again. Sometimes that gives you more clarity and a second chance to get more detailed information, especially if you were having a bad day or were stressed out.

Now, take a few minutes to read over your list of answers. Start to pick out the ones that have a common theme or resonate with you. Try to group them and rewrite them into a combined sentence that makes more sense to you.

You may have to play with this working sentence for a while to get it so it feels right and resonates with some place deep inside of you. When you are ready, ask these follow-up questions ...

Is this my life purpose?

What else do I need to know?

How can I make the sentence better, more descriptive?

What should I do with it now?

How can I start living my purpose?

What is my first step? Where do I start?


Write down all your answers and think about what they mean. If yo are not sure about what you have come up with .. that is OK. Sometimes, finding that small, still voice inside is all you need to do. Trusting it comes with experience and time.

Now, take some time to see how you feel about what you have written. Does it make you feel excited, inspired, more calm or full of energy? Does it help you make sense of your life .. what has happened so far and the path that lies in front of you? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

Need More Help?

For some people, the questions outlined above are enough. The ideas are just enough of the yeast they needed -- one of the good things about making bread is it does not take much yeast to get things rising.

But some people want more guidance or a different approach. In that case, you might want to try ...


What is a Life Purpose?

How Do I Find My Life Purpose: A Step by Step Guide  


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