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Great Work: Eight Essential Elements (M.ail Art.i.fect)

At the heart of every great life is a great work, a masterpiece of genius the average man is inspired to create.


Looking For Great Work?

Are you just starting to think about a career? Looking for great work? Or are you finally ready to do what you love for the rest of your life?

Great work is a mystery that eludes many. But childhood dreams can be turned into a handsome paycheck ... if you can *follow* the clues and make sense of the Game of Work.

Employment Options*

In order to follow* the clues, you first need to know what you are looking for and a way to recognize great work once you have found it. These pages have a way of helping you relax and explore your options so you can discover your own personal vision of great work.

All you need is a little time and insight. And i tall* starts with ...

What is Great Work?

Knowing what makes great work can help you spot it, just like the childhood game of "I Spot A ...", where what you think of starts to show up in your life. Think of red cars, and there they are all around you.

The same applies with great work.

If you think of a pyramid, great work is the top of the pyramid, sometimes referred to as the benben. Your dream job or business is the very pinnacle of the pyramid .. the tip at the peak. Sure you could spend your life climbing ... or crawling up the ladder of success.

But why not get a leg up by knowing what it is?

A Recipe For Great Work

Great work is a combination of eight aspects ... eight essential intangible elements that define work you not only love, but excel at and delight in doing.

This recipe works for young and old, it crosses cultures and gender, and takes no account of the amount of money in your pocket or the status quo that holds you.


Postage Art Stamp: Great Work you excel at (South Pacigs Shell (Lifepath Discovery .. Great Work you excel at))

work you are great at ...

Postage Art Stamp: SOuth Pacigs Cowry Shell with Islands Snalis

work you are passionate about ...


Postage Art Stamp: Work Care Deeply About (SOuth Pacigs Snalis & Shells)

work that matters ...


Postage Stamp Art: Work you find Meaningful (South Pacigs USA/ma art stamp)

work you find meaningful ...


Postage Stamp Art: WOrk that Calls to you (SOuth Pacigs)

work that calls to you ...


Work that Inspires You (South Pacigs Postal Art STamp)

work that inspires you ...

Postal Stamp Art: Work Well Paid To Do (Handsomely South Pacigs Shells)

work you are well paid to do ...

Great Work: Work You Love (Postage Stamp ARt)

work you love ...


Curious to learn more? Just click on one of the elements above or start with ...



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