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The First Aspect of Great Work

Do you want to know what professions you can excel at? Do you feel like you could be great at something, you just donít know what it is?

Finding the first element of great work is not that hard, once you know that your gifts and talents point the way to the work you can excel at. Your gifts and talents give you an affinity for certain types of work. And because they represent natural skills you already have or can easily develop, you can quickly understand why you will excel when you use them.

Green Thumbs & Moore

Ever met someone who has a green thumb and can grow anything? Or someone who just knows what the right spice is to add to the recipe to make something more delicious? Or who has an eye for the right lipstick or a knack for calling the next play in football?

All of these are examples of natural abilities ... and they can make you great at a job if you can find work that will let you use them ... or pay you to refine them. Or if you start your own business, you can offer these as your services or use them to develop amazing products.


Turning Gifts into Jobs

Sometimes it can be hard to see how to turn a gift or talent into a great job or business .... so here are a few examples. If you ...

It all depends on how you combine all your gifts and talents (you have 5 -10 of them) with the other elements of great work.

Tools For Finding Work You Excel At

If you are ready to learn more and start discovering the work you are great at, these are the tools I recommend ...






Now, Discover Your Strengths

A groundbreaking book that highlights discovering your strengths (known as your gifts and talents ) to focus on what you can be great at.  



Go Put Your Strengths to Work: 6 Powerful Steps to Achieve Outstanding Performance  

An action oriented book for how to put your natural gifts and talents to work and excel at what you do everyday at the office or factory.



Talent Is Overrated: What Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else  

How you practice is more important than raw talent - and is how masters and other world class performers become great at what they do.



The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How.  

The three key ingredients to unlock your talents so you can realize your potential and become great at what you can naturally excel at.



StrengthsFinder 2.0

This book helps you tap into your natural gifts and talents and discover what you excel at -- along with 50 ideas for acton for your top five themes or gifts.  



Living Your Strengths: Discover Your God-Given Talents and Inspire Your Community  

Take your gifts and strengths and put them to good use in your community, as well as your workplace. Ideas and insights for faith based work.


Movies About Work You Are Great At

Stories and movies are a great way to learn about finding and doing work you are great at-- along with inspiring quotes. Here are a few of my best recommendations for inspiring films you can learn from.




Babette's Feast



Bagdad Cafe / Out of Rosenheim


Bend It Like Beckham



Billy Elliot / Dancer




Blow Dry






Edward Scissorhands




Finding Forrester



Good Will Hunting


The Muse




Pushing Tin




Strictly Ballroom










Music and Lyrics (Widescreen Edition)  










School of Rock (Widescreen Edition)  





Mostly Martha  







When you are naturally great at your work, it is easy to be ...


passionate about what you do




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