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You Have Gifts & Talents

"Some people wonder if they any gifts and talents. Often life has not allowed anyone to reflect back to them what theirs are. Sometimes, they are in the wrong place to spot and develop them, let alone put them to good use," Star told me.

"So I do have some?" I questioned. I was wrestling with just where they had been hiding all my life.

"Yes. You do have some. Everybody does.

"In fact, everyone has at least five gifts and talents. Many have ten. And what is quite strange, is that the more you use them .. the more you discover. It is like buried treasure, where the more you work the pit, the more treasure you find. The more you work on discovering, developing and using the gifts and talents you have ... the more you find new ones." Star laughed.

"It is strange but true. At least for all the people I talk to.

"But most people keep quiet about it. The last thing they want is people getting jealous around them.

"So they keep mum about it?" I offered.

"Yes. But that is no reason to not work on discovering yours. Just something to keep in mind. Along with remembering that the jealousy comes only because they do not know what makes them great, what their real gifts are. If you catch them in the act and point out an extraordinary achievement or talent ... that helps ease the green eyed monster back into wondrousoblivion.

"Reminding people what makes them great is one of the best gifts you can give a person. They forget all too easily. So helping them remember is good for you both."

I nodded that I understood. "Few people bite the hand that feeds them."

"Or the mirror that shows them how wonderful they are, or could be. In fact, the problem is the opposite. They want to run off with it .. of bask in front of it."

"Like the Mirror of Erised?" I asked.

"Exactly so," Star replied.

"And something else I have discovered. No two people seem to have the same gifts and talents. It is odd, but there are tens of thousands of different gifts and talents out there. And when you combine five, or ten or more together ... you seem to get a unique combination. It is one of the things that makes humans unique.


The Beginnings of A Great Career or Business

"It is also the beginnings of a great career. Imagine if you always 'knew' which direction was north or that the new song you were hearing was going to be a hit. That could make or break your career if you needed to guide people through the wilderness or worked in a recording studio."

"Wow. Can I choose what my gifts and talents are?" I asked hopefully.

"Unfortunately, no. They are innate ... which means you are born with them. But they may come about, or to the surface, by being exposed to things in your environment. Einstein, as an example, may have been great at imagining time and space and converting his insights into mathematics because he was exposed to equations and how to derive them. Socrates may have been great at asking questions because oral give-and-take instead of writing was the order of his day.

"So, it may be with you. Hearing hit songs on the radio may bring your ability to pick them up to the surface of your consciousness. But in tribal times, you might have been the one composing songs or transferring them around the region in your travels."

"Okay," I said, wondering if she was going to read my palm next.

"No, honey, I don't read palms ... trees, hands or otherwise. Questions are my gig. Are you ready for some?"


"Okay, are you looking for your gifts to find a great career, for fun or something else?" she asked.

"Does it matter?" I replied.

"Yes. Typically you find what you are looking for ... or stumble across what you need when you least expect it. I wonder which you are." She quippedback.


"That's what I thought. No problem. Clueless is how most of my guys come." She smiled as she said it and then chuckled when she saw I did not understand.

"Let's start with a great career. Do you have one?"

At last a question I knew the answer to. "No," I said quickly.

"Want one? One you excel at and can be handsomely paid to do?"

"Err ... yes. Why not? Do you have one handy?" I salvoed back.

"Good. Glad Galahad to get that settled. Your gifts and talents define a unique area of excellence for you. They define the area or work that comes most naturally to you, that is easy for you to do, and you excel at because you achieve extraordinaryresults.

"If we define that area, it will describe the professions and careers where you can excel, as well as have your contributions valued. And where you are valued, you are handsomely paid. And if you add in all the other ingredients of your bliss, you have a recipe for your dream job and work you will love.

"Does that make sense?" she asked.

"It sure does. Why didn't I think of it?" I asked.

"Well ... just off the top of my head ... I think your gifts and talents lie in other areas. Asking insightful questions is one of mine. Go figure. The important thing now is to help you find yours .... Still with me?" she asked as she looked into my eyes.

"All the way," I said.



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