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Bliss Ingredient ... Experiences You Love

Pure moments of bliss, the perfect day, falling in love, winning a contract, scoring a touchdown or meeting a deadline ... we all have common experiences we cherish. But there are also personal experiences -- unique to us -- that we love to have and share.

As an integral part of your bliss, filling your days and life with them brings meaning, joy and delight into your life and makes it worth living.

Shaping Your Workday

Experiences You Love .... A Fool's Bag Chalk full of experiencesWhat everyday experiences inspire you and make your day? Beyond the peak experiences what thrills you so much you want it a part of every normal workday?

Surprisingly, very few people ever think about choosing the events and situations that will shape their day to day working experience. Listing tangibles such as the things, activities, places and people you want as part of your life is easier than defining the experiences you want to have. We are much more familiar and comfortable with talking about our work experience and histories after the fact than describing in advance what we deeply value and want to experience.

But this sixth ingredient category is an essential part of defining your dream job or business. It gives you a chance to think about and identify the situations and events you want to live through -- the ones that create meaning, inspire you and make your day. For some people, that means having heart warming experiences, while others seek a workday filled with mental challenges, high drama or creatively demanding work.

So what types of experiences would you fill your dream job or business with? Would it be ...


Bliss Book:  Experiences You Love

If you fill your workday with the life experiences you love, your work will be transformed. Work becomes more than a way to earn a paycheck and benefits -- it becomes a provider of the life experiences which delight you and shape who you are.

To learn what experiences you truly love, click on the book. Or you can get a quick taste of the types of experiences by exploring ...



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