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What things put a smile on your face and turn your workday into a lot of fun? For many of us, the tools and raw materials we use all day long are important ingredients in defining our life's work or dream business.

A funny thing happens when you love the tools and raw materials you work with. Work is more fun and enjoyable. Before you know it, you are looking forward to Monday morning and the opportunity to work with the things you love.

In the rush of the average workday, we can lose sight of how much joy we get from using our favorite things. But the things we love to work with are a large part of what we love about our dream jobs.

So what things do you love to work with? Would you love to work with ...


Find Your BLiss Book 6: Things You Love by Manifest

Whatever you love, making it an integral part of your workday can turn your work into a wonderful place to spend the day. Once you know what they are, you have a good idea of what the tools of your trade are or what you want to produce and sell in your dream business.


Finding The Things You Love

If you want to learn more, or need some inspiration, here are a few books and tools I recommend (some of which may be in your local library).




Your Special Gift  by Max Lucado

This inspirational story makes a great gift for anyone who needs to discover (or rediscover) that they are special -- and the things they love provide clues to their gifts and life calling.






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