Do You Know How To Become A Master?


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How To Become A Master ...

Do you dream of becoming a master or expert? Curious to discover your life's work and what you were born to excel at?

All too often we have trouble turning our dreams into reality. What often holds us back is not having a clear vision of what we want to master and who we want to become -- let alone a plan for achieving it.

What you need is your own personal formula or recipe for mastery. A way to discover the work you were meant to do and the way to manifest your potential.

And that is exactly what follows ...

A Recipe For Mastery

Here is a list of eight essential ingredients that define what you are good at. Combined together, they describe your area of mastery, what you can excel at and be well paid for -- in very clear and precise detail.


Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Problems, Isues & Needs You Love .... Personal Flying Cloak Balloon

The Problems, Issues & Needs You Love To Solve

These are the tasks you want to fill your workday with. They add meaning and purpose to your life and create work you deeply care about.

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Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Activities You Love .... Cosmic Wallet (hidden my pitcherS)

Activities You Love

These are the tasks and projects you love to do ... the things you love to fill your free time with, that keep you up late at night, the activities you daydream about.

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Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Things You Love ... Hack.el STep.He. Idea

Things You Love

These are the tools, materials and objects you love to work with and be around. They make you feel good, inspire you and delight you.

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Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Ideas & Knowledge You Love .... Indra's Net Treasure


Ideas & Knowledge You Love

These are the things you love to think about, mull over and muse about. They fill your mind, spark your imagination, excite your curiosity and fill your most interesting conversations.

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Follow YOur BLiss Ingredient: Your Gifts & TAlents .... a Perfumer's Nose

Your Skills, Gifts & Talents

These are the abilities you excel at and they define the work you are naturally great at -- or could be with the right training and guidance.

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People You Love .... Tribal face (Buckwheat)

People You Love

The people you love are the persons you love to work with and be around ... like your clients, customers co-workers and bosses.

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Experiences You Love .... A Fool's Bag Chalk full of experiences

Experiences You Love

These are the events, situations, circumstances and sensations you love to be a part of. Sometimes that is just the experience of a reading a child a story, or walking on the beach when the tide is out.

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Places You Love .... Perfect Reflection of Morning Light on Sea Coast

Places You Love

These are the locations and environments you love to be in. These are the locals that inspire you ... whether that is a broadway stage, the rainforest, or the Australian bush.

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Spirit of Intent of Mastery (Art Postcard)

The Spirit or Intent of Mastery

These is an energy behind the efforts a master makes in order to create perfection and work with all the elements of mastery -- materials, tools, processes, principles of nature.

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How Can I Use My Master Ingredient List?

If you create a list of these eight ingredients, you will have made a vision statement you can use to turn your dreams into a reality.

With it you can choose a major in school, sign up for the right workshops, choose the best job for you ... and make a whole bunch of life decisions.

If you follow your life purpose statement and turn it into a reality, you will create a life filled with mastery, happiness and joy ... every moment spent surrounded by the things, people and places you love ... where you get to do the activities and have the experiences which make you incredibly happy.

What Does A Mastery List Look Like?

A list of ingredients that describe the life you were meant to live, doing the work you will excel at, is not hard to put together if you have the right tools and questions.

When you are done, your list might look something like this example ..





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        9 Spirit of Intent 
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