Can You Recognize Your Great Work?


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At the heart of every great life is a great work, a masterpiece of genius the average man is inspired to create.


Facing Recognition

Knowing the eight elements of great work helps you follow clues and discover what your great work is. But how do you recognize it in the real world? How can you be sure you have truly found what you are looking for? That the job offer is really for your dream job ... or the business opportunity is a dream come true?

It all comes down to how the work makes you feel ... and how the work resonates in every area of your life. Great work creates a day and a life filled with thoughts and ideas and actions all directed toward One focus. It needs to help you take right action every day, so that the right energy, emotion and things flow into your life.

A Litmus (LiteMuse) Test For Life

I have a litmus test anyone can use. It takes a yes answer to every question for a job or business to qualify as Great Work.


Does the work make you feel ... ?



Great work is work you not only look forward to ... but work that helps you become who you were meant to be.

Does the work ... ?


If the answer to every question is yes, you have found a treasure indeed .. and a reason to celebrate. I hope you start making it a tradition, when you or someone you love, finds their great work.



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