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Discovering Your True Passion

Another way to know what your life path is ... is to look around your life and see what you collect, the stories you love and the role models whose lives speak to you.

These all point to your unique path in life .. . a path filled with what you love.

What Do You Collect

What you are passionate about, you tend to collect. From physical things to ideas and people in your life .... it is time to look around you and see what kinds of things you have surrounded yourself with.


What do you love to collect?

What kinds of things do you surround yourself with?
Do they have a common theme?

What have you accumulated?

What do you have that you bought just because you loved it?

What do you dream of collecting or having?

Do you tend to collect the same types of people as friends or enemies? Why?


Movies, Stories & Books You Love

Take a look at the movies, books and songs you collect ... . and answer a few questions. You might want to see if you can organize them into themes based on life path activities or professions or life ways.


Do your favorite stories (think of the movies and fiction books) have a common theme? If so, what is it?

What subjects and problems do your favorite non-fiction books deal with? Is there a common theme?

Does your movie or DVD collection reflect one or several life paths?

Are your favorite stories about a common life path, profession or life way?



Your Favorite Role Models

Often the people we admire reflect the life path we are meant to be on. Their lives parallel or reflect on the life path we long to follow. So take a moment to think about the people you admire ... the people you studied in history who caught your imagination or seemed to be leading interesting lives.


Was someone who you would like to have been in history?

Is there someone you dream of being now?

Do you wish you could be leading some other person's life?

Who do you wish you could talk to from anyone in history? Why?
What you you ask or talk about? How would that impact or change your life?

Who did you dream of becoming like when growing up? Why?

If you could have a life like someone else, whose life would it be and why?

If you could be any character in a story, who you would be and why?
(list as many people as you like and next to them
all the reasons you would like to be like them.)

If you could be an apprentice to anyone in history, who would it be and why? What do you want to learn, experience or be a part of?


Understanding Your Answers

The physical things you surround yourself with .. and the people you long to be like or admire ... can tell you a lot about your true life path by revealing your passions and attractions.

For example ... people usually collect things that relate to their life path theme.

Life Path One: Does your collection reflects a love for discovering , exploring, pioneering, inventing , innovating or envisioning? Do your favorite stories, movies, books and role models center around discoverers, explorers, pioneers, inventors, innovators or visionaries?

Life Path Two: Does your collection reflect the themes of nurturing, growth, advising, counseling, helping, care giving or developing? Do you love to read about and have nurturers, helpers, care givers and advisors as role models?

Life Path Three: DO you love to collect things that involve music, performing, art, storytelling, performing or acting? Do your favorite stories, book and role models center around these ideas and professions?

Life Path Four: Does your collection reflect a love of building and making things, or planning and organizing? Are your favorite role models doing these things ? What about your movies and stories?

Life Path Five: Do your favorite stories and movies center around adventurers, spies, athletes, warriors, hunters, protectors or guards? Do the things you collect and surround yourself reflect these themes?

Life Path Six: Do you love to read and watch stories about teachers, healers, or people who create and use knowledge? Do you collect books, maps, databases or other things that capture and organize knowledge?

Life Path Seven: Are your favorite role models scientists, journalists, investigators , or others who seek out and reveal truth? Do you love to collect the things they use as tools of the trade?

Life Path Eight: Do you love to surround yourself with the things founders, business owners, directors and CEOs own and use? Do you draw your role models from these professions?

Life Path Nine: Do you collect things that reflect the work of sages, philosophers, guides, mentors and humanitarians? Do you love to watch movies and read stories about them? Do you choose you role models from life path nine?

Life Path Zero: Do you love to watch movies and read about people who are also lost, undecided or still searching for their path or thing in life? Do you collect books and movies about them?


In addition to life paths your collections, role models and favorite stories can reflect the major life way themes ...


Sacred Enigmas
Word & Image

Growth & Change
Higher Consciousness

Beauty & Harmony
Work & Play
Order & Chaos


The Next Step

If you have a clearer idea of your life path, great! If you want to continue on and learn more, try this ...


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