Drawn To Happiness?


Way of Happiness Infolded in Layers of REality


The Blue Bird of Happiness

Many of us long to be happy ... to feel full of joy and delight instead of worry, sorrow, regret, bitterness and anger.

We can often tell when we are unhappy ... but we often fall asleep in our lives and only wake up when our unhappiness grows so strong we can no longer deny its existence.

Finding Happiness

Happiness is like a blue bird that lives inside you heart ... your being. A bird that has a song to sing, the music within you that makes you smile, dance or laugh for no reason other than you feel full of joy.

The Fountain of Youth

Like a fountain of youth, it flows under the right conditions ... for you. And very often, those conditions have very little to do with what is really going on in the outside of your life ... and everything to do with what is really going on ... on the inside of you.

But what makes us truly happy is often* hidden from us, wrapped up in folds and layers of reality. It remains elusive until we pursue it ... and follow the footprints it leaves for us across the barren and overstuffed landscape of our lives.



to be continued



















Book of Happiness


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  Journey of Self Discovery
  Identify Lifepath
  Find Your Bliss
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        3 Wisdom
        4 Creativity
        5 Sacred Mysteries
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        7 Word & Image
        8 Energy
        9 Potential
        10 Mastery
        11 Justice
        12 Perspective
        13 Change
        14 Balance
        15 Renewal
        16 Truth
        17 Nature
        18 Form
        19 Higher Consciousness
        20 Evolution
        21 Harmony
        22 Play & Work
        23 Understanding
        24 Order
        25 Unity
        26 Freedom
        27 Happiness
        28 Soul
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