Do You Know Your Theme of Life?


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Discover Your Theme of Life

Your life theme reflects what you focus on, and the lens you use to see the world. Like the game of Spot the Red Car ... your life theme grabs and holds your attention.

Knowing what your is can help you understand yourself and the world. It can also help you understand and anticipate the lessons that Life will probably be tossing your way.

Universal Life Themes

Below are life themes listed as keywords which reflect the 28 universal values seen in every human culture, age and generation. By reading over these brief descriptions, you can start to see which ones appeal most to you.

Once you know the keywords or themes that really speak to you, you can start to put into your own words your personal theme of life. Crafting a theme of life statement can truly change the way you see the world and think about who you are and why you are here.       


Way of Life & Death



Life & Death

Do you focus on the life and death of it all? Are beginnings and ends a theme that run through your life? If so, take this Way for a test run and see how well it describes you.


Way of Peace, Strife & War



Peace, Strife & Trade

Some of us focus on the themes of war and peace. They are the backdrop for our favorite stories and find their way into our most meaningful conversations. If the ideas of war and peace haunt your dreams, come explore the Way of Peace.



Way of Wisdom & Folly




Wisdom is the pearl beyond price for sages ... and they have sought it since time began. If the siren call of wisdom and its opposite ... foolishness and ignorance ... speak to you, come learn more.

 Way of Creation


Creation & Destruction

How often are you thinking about how something is created or destroyed? Do you love to watch films where everything gets blown up or new worlds are created? Does the genesis of new ideas speak to you?



Way of Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries (Fixing Holes in Time)

Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries

Do you love to solve mysteries, understand enigmas, or unveil scared truths and mysteries? Many are tempted to open a window and peer into the Universe beyond. Are you one of them?




Way of Love (Rose Petals)


Love ^ Indifference

If you seek to love and be loved, this may be your Way in life.





Way of Word & Image (Crab Claws C-answer)


Word & Image

Words and images tickle our minds and our imagination.




Way of Energy (The Lion Roar)



If you like to work with energy, in any of its forms, or feel like you do not have enough ... you may be called to the Way of Energy.




Way of Potenital (Flamingo Dancer & The Beast)



Do you key into the potential of a thing or place, and seek to realize it?




Way of Mastery (Samurai Sword)




Master the Why of anything and you are halfway home if you follow the Way of Mastery.



Way of Justice




If you love seeing justice served, this might be the way for you.




Way of Perspective (Angle Dancing on a Pin)



Like an angel dancing on the head of a pin, it is all about what and how you see things.



Way of Growth & Learning (Schools of Fish)


Change, Growth & Learning

Change is more than just the stuff that rattles around loose in your pocket (book). Growth and learning are what makes fish into schools.



 Way of Balance



Balance & Experiments

Finding your balance in life is an experiment ... one that aligns you with the forces at work in the Universe and planet Earth.





Way of Renewal



Renewal & Laughter

Ever wonder about the renewing and healing power of laughter? Do you love to help things rejuvenate?



Way of Truth Court Yard Foot



Truth & Lies

Do you focus on the truth and falsehoods around you?




Way of Nature (Feather Leaf Erichson)


Nature & Alchemists

Are you drawn to the ways and forms of Nature?




Way of Form (Moon face)



Form & Content

Do you look at the form and embodiment of ideas, forces and concepts?




Way of Higher Consciousness (Sun Face)



Higher Consciousness

Are you pulled towards a search for higher consciousness?



Way of Evolution Apollo SPirit




Are you curious and intrigued by the idea of evolution and what things are becoming?


Way of Beauty & Harmony



Beauty & Harmony

Does beauty and harmony draw you nearer to it?





Way of Play




Are you always in play or work mode, delighted by the things you do?




Way of Understanding




Are you always seeking to understand what is going on and what things mean?




Way of Order



Order & Chaos

Are you drawn to order and chaos?



Way of Unity (Sun goes dark)




Does unity light up your world?.



Way of Freedom (Freed Dumb)



Freedom & Liberty

Are freedom and liberty two words you could not live without?







Is happiness a way of life for you, the happy ending you strive for?







Are you on a soul quest, where the soulful things in life bring meaning to you?



Once you have an idea of the life theme keywords that reflect you, you might want to follow these steps to create your own theme of life statement.



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