Drawn To Life & Death?


Way of Life & Death

Do you focus on the life and death of it all? Are beginnings and ends a theme that run through your life? If so, take this Way for a test run and see how well it describes you.


Approaches To Life

If you follow the Way of Life and Death, one or both of these issues are a major life theme for you. So you may look at the world through the lens of life and death, and make decisions based on these two issues. That could mean that you take a life affirming stance and are constantly on the lookout for ideas, products and lifestyles that enhance and prolong life. Or you could focus on things from the perspective of trying to stop the aging process and avoid death.


Life Values

Values show us what we feel is important in life -- and often are at the heart of our favorite conversations and our reason for volunteering.


Life Lessons

If you are following the Way of Life and Death, many of the lessons life will throw at you involve figuring out the meaning of life and learning what makes life precious and sacred.

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Life Occupations

You could feel called to work at either end of the life cycle ... with newborns, those facing the end of their life ... or anyone who is trying to start life anew. So the occupations that appeal to you could come from any of the life paths. Here are a few examples ...


Favorite Books, Movies & TV Shows

Much of the world's greatest literature deals with what it means to be truly alive and how to face death with courage and compassion.


What's Next

If you are interested in learning more, check out my book The Way of Life & Death. In addition to more in depth information about values, life lessons and occupations -- I also cover the critical tasks and challenges you face if you follow this way.

You might be interested in reading my inspirational quotes about life, and seeing if these resonate with you.



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        12 Perspective
        13 Change
        14 Balance
        15 Renewal
        16 Truth
        17 Nature
        18 Form
        19 Higher Consciousness
        20 Evolution
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