Are You Drawn To Solve Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries?


Way of Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries Letter (Fixing Holes in Time)

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Exploring Life Ways

Do you love to solve Life's mysteries? Are you drawn to following the golden string and unravel the secrets behind sacred enigmas? Want to peek behind* the veil of space and time?

If so, you may be following the Way of Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries. As the fifth of the Ways of Life ... it speaks to the desire to understand life's mysteries ... to peel back the current reality and look deep into the Supreme Reality (T'ai Chi).

Starring Into The Eyes of a Green Dragon

Looking into the past/present/future reality is a little like looking into the flow of events ... the evolution of the universe, and sic/dis.cove.Ring a Three Ring Circus full of dancing elephants, wondering walruses and doves that dive bomb for popcorn while a high wire act draws everyone's attention fro the Magician's next hands setting up the next trick.

The magic is in the Wonder/Wander it creates ... masked in symbols and symbolic language that lets you be in tow worlds at one ... the practical and mystical ... the foreground and background of Reality ... inside and outside the box of ordinary, everyday thinking.

Getting Started

Start with any bit of the golden string ... and follow the clues where they take you. Use your intuition and develop a nose for unearthing hints. Truffles and trifles are both surreal treats.

When you get lost, keep an ear and eye out for hints (5 + 15 = 20) and don't let life box you in unless you can cut yourself a door like The Doctor cornered in a Books . Remember the universe moves back in forth in order to evolve, so both the light and dark have a role in playing violins for aMuSing patrons.

Those are your starting hints ...

What You May Discover

What you may discover, reflected in the eyes of the green dragon, is yourself. Discovering who you are is part of the package ... as is uncovering and rediscovering your relationship to the Universe, its architect and the Mother of All Things.

Are you ready to start unraveling that Christmas cardigan or sweater?


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Book of Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries

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