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Faux Postcard: Wisdom Images & Cardigan Sweater Ghosts

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When color, textures, symbols, words and ideas come together ... images form. And whether in our mind or on a canvas, they speak to us about the things that truly matter to our souls and our Self.


Across the Ages -- master painters and image makers have covered our cave walls and Art Gallery halls with ideas meant to resonate across time, place and culture.


Sometimes these great masterpieces get stored away to gather dust ... while more famous works are put behind bars to protect them from the public.


However, it only takes a little effort to dust them off, bring them out into the light of day and give them new life. Some of them are brought back to life in the art galleries here.


Green Images: Lifeway Books

Green Language & Divine Birds


Wisdom of Numerology


Manifest Your Potential .com


MAnifest Your Potential ... Cadmus SOwing Seeds of Change & Hope


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