Cand You Answer The Sphinx's Riddle?


SPhinx's Riddle


see keys 0, 19, 9


What goes on four legs in the morning, on two legs at noon,
and on three legs in the evening?


The Sphinx's Riddle ...

Man has often pondered the riddle of the Sphinx, which appeared when you reached a cross road in your life, and needed to know which direction the flow of events wanted to take you.

That flow, the current of current events, was meant to keep you on track with the unfolding of events in your life. If you answered correctly, like a Zen monk, letting intuition be your guide and tutor, you were directed one way. If you answered logically, you were metaphorically eaten like Saturn and you died on the spot.

And if you were very wise indeed, you recognized a teacher with time on her hands, and sat down for a chat. And if you were ready and luck were with you ... that could turn into a long conversation.

Management By Walking Around

If you were on a life journey, this sort of re-direction or side tracking, could be most useful if you and the timing of events were out of synch. Wise men took the hint and the longer road or shortcut, depending on what lay ahead on the road.

Soe.m.times*, the life goal* you needed to accomplish is changed, and you need to go on a walk-about through the Dreamtimer* so the three minute Egg of the Cosmos can fully hatch up a new plan for eternity ... or at least The World as we know it.

This ancient riddle offers many ways to be asked, interpreted and answered. From an intuitive point of view, the level of your understanding of the mysteries of life determines the level of your answer.

If you add in the wisdom saying ... 'And is weakest the more legs it has' ... you are taken deeper into the mysteries and the symbolic universe that points the way into understanding. For example, if you use the symbol system of the Tarot, then you might be hinted to look at the heights that The Sun, Key 19, might rise to/two/too. And this, off course, relates to the adage ...

Tin and knot nine, 10 and not 11 = 2

Our Ma GED Done?

Even more profound is the other time-based riddle posed in relation to Past, Present and Things that Shall Come ...


insert paneL key 3, 2 1


There are two sisters: one gives birth to the other and she, in turn, gives birth to the first.


The Way of Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries

Book of Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries

What Walks* on Two Legs?




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