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Cryptohematology Artcard ... A walk in THe Woods (Sabine Symbol Libra 25)

Nature will bear the closet inspection.
She invites us to lay our eye
level with her smallest leaf,
and take an insect view of its plain.
- Henry David Thoreau


Solving The Mystery of Half Bloodline Princes ...

Do you love to solve mysteries hidden in dna and blood lines like the MerryVinegins? Ever wonder how rose lines, dna and Vs come together to solve life's mysteries of relationship and who / what we are .. dancers or humans?

Some of Life's deepest memories are secrets hidden in more than scrolls and double helixes. But there is a good place to start.

Bloodlines, Scrolls & DNA

The blood that flows in our veins is like gold to a cryptohematologist. Understanding the markers can help us trace our ancestry*, our relationships, and who we are in the world as well as the wider Universe.

G, C, A T ... a blue cat sitting on a wheel of fortune

Who spins your wheel and moves you forward across the expanse of time and evolution? What physical vehicle takes you through life ... and did the same manufacturer make both of us? Do we come from the same Source?

Our fingerprints, irises, and facial features ... all reflect the pattern of ourselves hidden deep within every cell of our body. Like a hologram, each contains the dna scroll that makes us physically unique. Yet, that does not tell us who we really are ... why we are unique.

Surrealist Art & Words

The secrets that code breakers attempt to decipher in surrealist* art and literature is the same as those that cyrptohematology addresses in unraveling the secrets of subrosa lines of heredity.

Carry on a long conversation with a sphinx and you might uncover even more in the middle of the knight.


The Way of Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries

Book of Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries

What Walks* on Two Legs?



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