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Book One: Way of Life and Death  Book Six: Way of Love & Compassion


Here is a listing of the twenty seven books on the shelf to help you find your life theme. Click on a book cover to learn more about each book.


Book One: Way of Life and Death



Theme 1: Life

Do you focus on the life and death of it all? If so, you will be interested in this growing journal of ideas and insights about The Way of Life.

Book of Way of Peace, Trade & STrife by Manifest Books


Theme 2: Peace, Strife & Trade

If the ideas of war and peace haunt your dreams, come explore the Way of Peace.



Book of Wisdom by Manifest Your Potential .com



Theme 3: Wisdom

Seek what the wise have sought from the Beginning of Time. All it takes is everything ... and a whole lot more. Which lot is up to U and your standards.

Come browse the growing gallery of inspiring resources.

Book - Wayof Creation & Destruction by Manifest Books



Theme 4: Creation & Destruction

When you are moving from a spark to an old flame, love will find a way. Creation is like a mirror of the universe turned into itself. See yourself in a new light ... with these pages. Unfolding at a made.N's lap near you.



Book - Way of Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries by Manifest Books

Theme 5: Sacred Enigmas & Mysteries

A leap of faith helps you land in the right place when you cross into the unknown and work to reveal and understand the scared mysteries and enigmas of our times. Whether *ancient* legends call to you or treasures of the Soul ... if you feel the call that beckons you like a beacon in the night ... there you must go. Read More ...



Book Six: Way of Love & Compassion



Theme 6: Love

What inspires such hate and fear in us, that we would turn out backs on Love? Does every serpent in the grass mean us harm? Or doves the cup of human kindness overflow at your door?





Book Way of WOrd, Symbol & Image by Manifest Books



Theme 7: Word & Image

What can One say about the Word that has knot al-ready be.N said? Green language aside order of fries, there is much still to reveal and understand about how Word and Image meet, text message and imagine each other into Being is Be.leaf.ing.




Book Way of Energy & Emptiness by Manifest Books



Theme 8: Energy

E = mc (squared). Did anyone bother to tell Einstein that Love is a factor 2 (or is it of 3)?

If you like to work with energy, in any of its forms, or feel like you do not have enough ... you may be called to the Way of Energy. Come learn more.





Book Way of Potential & Fate by Manifest Books



Theme 9: Potential

Ahh! Potential. The stuff Universes are maid of. How could something so simple be so complex to figure out?

Do you know what your potential is? How much are you developing and using it? Come learn more and take the three quizzes to see how much you know.





Way of Mastery by Manifest Books



Theme 10: Mastery

Master the Why of anything and you are halfway home. Master a Nun and you have nothing to fear except Fear itself. If the idea of mastery, doing things well and mediocrity tromple* louis (aka trompe l'oeil) through your head ... come learn more.



Book Way of Justice by Manifest Books



Theme 11: Justice

Some people think Justice is served like a plate of pasta. But what does the Past of A have to do with getting things right and playing it cool?

We love cops and robbers films, but do we love the villains that make real life heroes of us all? And if crime doesn't pay (enough), why are so many of us doing it ... one way or another?



Way of Perspective by Manifest Books



Theme 12: Perspective

No matter which way you look. perspective is just a blink away. If, like the food critic in Ratatouille, you seek perspective as your dish of choice ... you might want to nibble on these pages.



Book 13: Way of Change, Growth & Learning by Manifest Books



Theme 13: Change, Growth & Learning

Change is more than just the stuff that rattles around loose in your pocket (book). Growth and learning are the stuff of stars ... so come share a little dust and gloom so you can learn what it takes to shed your light and climb.

Snow globes optional.





Theme 14: Balance & Experiments

Finding your true balance in life takes trial and error. Moderation in all things and then finding the right things to moderate. Filling your baskets with all the good things of life ... whether they are sunsets, manifesting fruit trees or ribbons made of snow.





Way of Renewal & Laughter by Manfiesty Books



Theme 15: Renewal & Laughter

Ever wonder about the healing power of laughter? Are you interested in the ageless, timeless and universal? Curious about what can stand the tests of time? Drawn to Zen koans and the sound of one hand?



Book of Truth, Lies & Simulations by Manifest Your Potential .com



Theme 16: Truth & Lies

Moe Kita helps you learn about the things that set you free ... free speech and thoughts, the types of truth and the prominence of opinions and beliefs that reveal and dish.guys the truth.





Way of Nature & Alchemy by Manifst Books


Theme 17: Nature & Alchemists

Nature ... not applicable . true or false gold? When the one hand stops clapping, it get busy working out the Ways of Nature. Symbols, universal processes, cosmic patterns ... nature has them all under wraps.

Care 2 peak under the hood?





Book 18: Way of Form & Content by Manifest Books



Theme 18: Form & Content

Matter, form and content. These are the things of the Way of Form. How does moonlight on water relate to them? Well, if everything is made of energy, and light and sound are wave forms of energy ... water would echo the forms within it.




Way of Higher COnsciousness by Manifst Books



Theme 19: Higher Consciousness

Which came first ... Pursha or Prakrit? Does it really matter? In a spherical universe, is there really such a thing as higher and lower? Or is consciousness all around us?



Book 20: Way of Evolution by Manifest Books



Book 20: Evolution

Evolution is one step away. But that step is one giant leap for mankind .... if you plan on walking on moonlight. For the rest of us, it is a journey that can feel like floating down a gentle stream .. or a journey of a 1000 miles maid step by step. If the ideas of evolving and D.evolving call to you, come read more.


Way of Harmony & Beauty by Manifst Books



Theme 21: Beauty & Harmony

A world of unity, evolved into through balance and harmony. Is your life out of tune? Does the dream of world harmony haunt your dreams? Or just tickle your fancy? If so, the beauty of symmetry and asymmetry might be the Way for you.





Way of Play by Manifest Books



Theme 22: Play

Can you play your Way into eternity? Is life really just a house of cards? Are we all just children in the Universe, learning who we are and how we belong? Snakes and Ladders. Candyland, Life, Monopoly. Clue. Solitaire.Hearts. Bridge.





Way of Understanding by Manifst Books



Theme 23: Understanding

A new Way of Understanding of the concepts of harmony, chaos and beauty is indeed the seat of a resplendent consciousness caught in the precepts of time and space. If you seek to understand more, these personal insights and ideas may help.





Book 24: Way of Order & Chaos by Manifest Books



Theme 24: Order & Chaos

Chaos is more than a dream for Maxwell Smart. And Smart water is deeper than any well you can find on terra firma. Exactly where does the Soul go swimming? If chaos theory, order and disorder run like a thread through your life ... maybe this is the Way for you.

Let Sir Ab D guide you through this Way of being.



Way of Unity, Division & @ Get Her Nessy by Manifest Books



Theme 25: Unity

To evolve through balance and harmony into Unity. What is so wrong with that? Or is it that we just don't know how to begin the process? Too bad Simplicity and Butterick do not have one in stock, but maybe we could backorder a bit of Unity before we burn all our bridges ... or cross them.



Book 26: Way of Freedom & Liberty by Manifest Books



Theme 26: Freedom & Liberty

Life. Liberty Towers. And the Pursuit of Happiness. Who gnu that freedom would be more than just a flag, a high standard of living, and two cars parked outside a garage stuffed with things that Good Will and the Salvation Army need?



Way of Happiness by Manifest Books



Theme 27: Happiness

Every time an angel takes flight, happiness gets a pair of wings Now, if things were that easy here, air traffic controllers would be kept pretty busy. In the meantime, if you crave happiness and want to pursue it over hill and Dale ... try this Way.




Book 28: Way of Soul by Manifest Books


Theme 28: Soul

Soul. It makes the world and Jazz rock and roll. It brings lighthearted moments and awesome experiences. Men study it without knowing what it is. Others seek to lure it into their lives. If being soulful is part of the life you dream of ... explore this Way.





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