The Hierophant, Gebruah & Radical Intelligence


Book of Key 5: The Heriophant, Gebruah & Radical InTellygents by Manifest Books


Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear ...

- Shakespeare


Who wakes the sleeping heriophant**? And is he really asleep or just listening to the inner voice that helps build bridges across time, space and ideas. Books do that, as does the cave art found around the world in sacred dwelling places.

If you are curious, come learn more about the esoteric wisdom of the Hierophant, Gebruah (the fifth sephirah on the tree of life) and the mysterious radical intelligence that allows man to adapt conditions and so free himself from the bounds of time, space and limited consciousness.

You are welcome to read the Books ...

Paradox ..

The Copper & Silver Scroll

Socrates' Apology




Hierophant Inspiring Quotes  


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Book cover features painting by Simone Martini (Shaken not sty.rred) of Sienna.


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        The Lovers
        The Chariot
        The Hermit
        Wheel of FOrtune
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        THe Adversary
        The Tower
        The Star
        The Moon
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