The Copper & Silver Scrolls


Copper & Silver Scrolls


Two Minor Als ... One Idea about Treasure

Sacred mysteries and enigmas abound in the world, and the copper and silver scrolls that hint at an ancient and enormous treasure are no exception.

Taken at face value, the copper scroll is an enigma -- a very rare and expensive scroll that bears an appalling level of spelling errors for so precious a guide to hidden treasures beyond the pale. And the greatest of all the treasure, so the copper scroll tells us across the centuries -- is the last treasure -- the silver scroll which lists the location and describes all the rest of the treasures buried in the past.

But if you look beyond the surface, you might see something different. In the language of esoteric wisdom, the metal copper was attributed to Venus and silver to the moon. And in ancient wisdom, there are two depictions of the Moon that might cast a new light on the scrolls more exoteric and esoteric meaning.

A scroll rests in the lap of the Moon in one depictions, while it unravels past the boundaries of the unknown into the known, creating a path to the "sphere of the Moon" -- sephirah 9. If these are hints as to the treasures location -- then the often cited "mispellings" maybe key to understanding their meaning.

To encode information in plain view, many writers of wisdom used techniques that would make the document appear unimportant. If the method of concealment served a dual purpose -- to make the documents seem prone to errors and thus unreliable and worthless -- so much the better. Those not able to see the wisdom hidden in plain view would instead undervalue it, and it would be sold or traded until it passed into the hands of someone knowledgeable enough to realize its value. An example of this is the reported "finding in a bookseller's shop in Paris" of the secret wisdom of how to create the philosopher's stone by Nicholas Flamel.

So, the cited misspellings may actually be clues ... deciphered by seeing the connection between the word spelled and the one expected.

An example might help. Let's take the creative spelling at the top of this page. It reads "Study AOds" when what you would expect to see is "Stucy Alds" or "Study Aids". Why does the O appear instead of a lowe case i? DOes it hint at AO, as in alpha omega (the beginning and end)? Does the substituted "eye" appear to be opened in the case of a rounded eye socket reminiscent of japanese anime graphics?

And does the creative spellings of "ucy" and "udy" (pronounced as " you see" and "you die") shed any light on the subject? "Stucy AIds" could be read in ancient wisdom terms as see ... key0.Ids (as in identifies). "Study Aids" could be an alternative hint with die Aids. The difference being in how you interpret key 17 ... as the forever young sun in key 0 or the horse rider in key 19 (the ladder being a hint on the house). Since that was a false alarm ... what lies at the base of key 61/16.

A quick check of the tree of life says ...  




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The Copper & Silver Scroll

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