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What Is The Marital Status of the Number 5?




Quantum Mechanics, Ancient Wisdom & Mr. Good Wench

In "What the Bleep / How Far Down The Rabbit Whole?" a scientist asks the question as an example of a nonsense question, one that makes no sense from a scientific, Newtonian World view.

BUt is the question really nonsensical? If you ask a mystic that same question, expect at least a chuckle ... because it is exactly the sort of question ancient mystical wisdom can, and has already answered.

Take a look at the Cabbala (K.ab.allah) (10.3.26) and you will see that number 5 is linked to the idea of "union". Pictured in the 5th Tarot card of is the Hierophant, raising a hand signaling that "all you see is not all there is". Exactly what the scientists are experiencing now in quantum mechanics. All you see is snot all there is. Ur mustic nose (aka Your mystic knows) that ... and has for thousands of years.

But the question does come full circle ... because in heaven, according to ancient mystical wisdom, there is no such thing as marriage. And if heaven is beyond time ... eternal ... then indeed there would be no age at which you marry, and thus no Mary age.

Whether it is indeed an eternal Merry Age is open to question. YMMV. LOL! Masseltav!




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