Do You Have A Theme Song For Your Life?





Discover Your Theme Song For Life

We all want to live an exciting, awesome life ... but often the life we dream of can seem so unrealistic, so far out of reach.

That is where finding your theme song for life can change things. Songs can inspire us, keep us focussed on our dreams and lift our spirits when nothing seems to be going right.

So, finding the right song, or collection of songs can become a touchstone that helps us see the light at the end of the tunnel.

How To Find Your Life Theme Song

It starts by paying attention to the songs you hear and what really resonates with you. Many songs play over the radio or CD player and we enjoy them, but only a few can bring us to tears or instantly change our mood.

Those are the songs you want to find and start collecting so you can make a CD or playlist you can turn to whenever you need it.

You want to pay attention to songs that speak about...


Keep An Open Mind

So take some time to think about these ideas, and then keep an ear out for the music that might be your theme song for life. Sometimes the lyrics are what do it, so the song might be from a music genre you don;t normally listen to. Rock fans could find it in the country music aisle, or jazz fans may be drawn to something more in the ballad and folksong style.


Follow Your Favorite Artists & Lyricists

Often an artist will perform songs along life themes they personally identify with, so you may be drawn to a few artists. For some people, like in the movie Love Actually, Joni Mitchell is the artist that does it for them.

But it could be that who you are drawn to is the song writer behind your favorite songs and performers -- so you may want to look at who is writing the songs that move and inspire you.


Stay Flexible Over Time

Many times, if you are growing and changing, so too will your theme songs. So stay open to changing moods and needs -- and update your playlist as you evolve. You may want to archive some of the great songs or create a new playlist for a special time or project that has come into your life. Getting ready for a major life change may spark a need to change what you listen to.


Have Fun WIth It

The most inportant thing is to have fun with the theme song for your life. You want something that has lasting power, and lifts you up rather than drags you down, wears you out, or becomes overplayed.


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