What Is Your Heart's Desire?


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How To Listen to Your Heart

Ever wonder what your heart desires and longs for? Curious what your heart wants to tell you about your life?

Sometimes, life hands us challenges that can bring us to our knees, or make us wake up to a life that is not going as we planned or imagined it would. When this happens, it makes sense to take some time off of our fast track lives and listen to our heart and ask ourselves ...

What does my heart desire?

Where to Find Answers

Sometimes it would be nice to be able to gaze into the Mirror of Erised and discover our heart's desire right before our eyes.

But far too often, we struggle through life not being really sure what our heart really wants, what it is that we most desire ... the circumstances that define our personal happiness.

The idea is so important, that numerology (the study of the energy and ideals hidden in numbers) gives you a starting place to discover yours. Nine keywords provide a doorway into what your heart wants to tell you.

But the real place to go for answers is inside of you .. to talk to your heart and let it speak to you through your intuition. An inner voice can tell you heart felt secrets about you and your life.

A Starting Point

Here is a starting point ... a few questions you can ask yourself to awaken you inner knowing and kick start your intuition into speaking your own truth ...



What does my heart need me to know?

What would my Heart like to tell me?

What are the deepest and darkest desires of my heart?

What do I dream about?

What do I want to say to myself in heart felt Words?

Where do I belong?

Who should I hang around?

Why AM I here to love or learn?



More Journal Questions ...

If you want to explore more journal questions, try these ...


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... or consider finding your bliss

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