Looking For Good Questions That Make You Think About Life?




To Help You Start Discovering Yourself

Looking for good questions that make you think about life and who you are? Curious how a few good questions can change your life and send you in a new or better direction in life?

Making You Think about Life

Can questions really help you change the direction of your life? Yes, I think so. Because they make you think about your life .. how it is and how you would like it to be. But it takes the right questions, insightful questions that get you thinking about life.

Figuring out who you are and why you are here doesn't have to be dull and boring. Nor does it have to be hard.

You can start with a few good questions, such as ....

What inspires you?


What makes you laugh?

What is your heart's desire?


Here are a few more interesting, personal questions ... about the things that make up the ingredients of your bliss.

What things do you love?

What activities do you love?

What places do you love?

What people do you love?

What experiences do you love?

What do you excel at?

What problems do you love to solve?

What issues do you love to champion?

What needs do you love to fulfill?

What is your life calling?

What Incredible Life would you love to live?


And here are a few more about discovering the right work for you ...

What work do you excel at?

What work is meaningful to you?


What you will find is that good questions can lead you to some insightful answers. Answers that can help you discover your bliss or start you on the path to finding your own answers to Life's biggest questions. And when you use questions to reveal your life calling or figure out where you belong ... these insights start to change your life just by the way you think about yourself, and the choices you see for yourself.

You can choose the right career for you or find the right organization to volunteer after you retire. Your knowing can help you select where you want to go to school or the place you want to be transferred to just before you retire. If you know the experiences that inspire you, you can transform your vacations into adventures that feed your soul instead of just drain your checkbook.

Where ever you are in your life, good questions that make you think can help you find your own answers about life ... and help you put those answers to work to change your life and make your life more meaningful and extraordinary.

More Good Question Resources

If you are looking for more great questions, here are a few books I recommend ...





Life's Big Questions: 200 Ways to Explore Your Spiritual Life  

If you want to get started exploring more of who you are and how you are living your life -- this book poses 200 questions and explores how to explore your spirit.






If... (Questions For The Game of Life)

Understanding yourself better is the purpose of this book, which helps you discover how you feel and think about a wide variety of topics.  



The Book of Fabulous Questions: Great Conversation Starters about Love, Sex and Other Personal Stuff

This is another book full of 600+ questions that are great for starting conversations and getting to know others (or yourself much better). The questions range from the innocent, starter questions to much more intimate and intereseting personal questions.  






life questions to think about

interesting, personal questions

... or consider finding great work you love


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