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Room 222: The Way of Play & Work

Can you play your Way into eternity? Is life really just a house of cards? Are we all just children in the Universe, learning who we are and how we belong? Snakes and Ladders, Candyland, Life, Monopoly, Clue, Solitaire, Hearts, and Bridge.

Are these merely popular games for the nursery and card tables? Or do they help us learn how to open up and experience more?

For many of us, life comes down to a game to be won or a job that consumes much of the time of our life. But work and play can become more, be more. As a major life theme, we can use it to climb Jacob's Ladder and work with snakes named Mollie. (At least I think that was the name of the snake on Make Me A super Model.)

This life way follows the Universe & Everything and is number 22 for a reason. Although it may first appear to be a simple, easy approach ... the call and perspective of this way of life has much advanced exoteric and esoteric wisdom behind, within and at work in it.


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Self Discovery
  How To Discover Yourself
  Journey of Self Discovery
  Identify Lifepath
  Find Your Bliss
  Discover Life Theme
     Themes of Life
        1 Life
        2 Peace
        3 Wisdom
        4 Creativity
        5 Sacred Mysteries
        6 Love
        7 Word & Image
        8 Energy
        9 Potential
        10 Mastery
        11 Justice
        12 Perspective
        13 Change
        14 Balance
        15 Renewal
        16 Truth
        17 Nature
        18 Form
        19 Higher Consciousness
        20 Evolution
        21 Harmony
        22 Play & Work
        23 Understanding
        24 Order
        25 Unity
        26 Freedom
        27 Happiness
        28 Soul
  Discover Life Calling
  Find Life Purpose
  Describe Living Dreams
  Make Dreams Come True
  Art Gallery

  Game of Life
     Fate & Destiny
     Discover Your Potential
  Make Sense of Life
  Art Gallery

  Game of Work
  Find Great Work
  Take Up Life's Work
     Your Dream Job
     Get Hired
     Your Dream Business
  Art Gallery

  Game of Love
  Make Sense of Love
  Art Gallery

  Game of Wisdom
  Make Sense of Wisdom
  Art Gallery

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