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Way of Balance

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Win your Wheel of Fortune is out of balance, vibration is the result. When your fish tank is out of balance, the water gets murky ... and the angle fish start looking around for a new home.

What is the Way of Balance? Well, its a way of life ... of finding and keeping a stable position. Unfortunately, that may require a Herculean effort in these modern times ... and the co-operation of two streams of life converging.

Basically it is getting the muck cleared out of your life and letting the Tao determine what flows in and out of your life. Nature does a fine job keeping the marshes refreshed and the seas regenerating.

So why not get some algae fish to clean your tank and let some new ideas bubble through ...


Getting More Balance Into Your Life

To get more balance, look around and get rid of the things that are unbalancing your life. At the root of every balance problem is a lack of stability. Every wobbly table has a leg that is in trouble ... that does not match the rest of them. The same applies to chairs and one night stands.

Bring more balance in by bringing in less that unbalances your life. And that includes ... people, projects, and duties ... that waste your time instead of work as investments. Invest your time in soul fulfilling tasks instead of energy drainers. Clean out your cupboards mentally and emotionally. Toss out or give away those items and projects that no longer fill a need for you.

Find a lower center of gravity ... financially. Repair the broken table legs.






























to be continued


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