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Way of Play


By the time the fool has learned the game, the players have dispersed. - African Proverb


Come on in and gather round. And welcome! If you skipped the walk in, I am Ace and your guide.

This is Hall of Introduction where we will bigen our discovery of The Way of Play and Work. You will notice the recent addition of the idea of Work, which has been added to bring the opposites more into harmoney ... if you follow my meaning.

This is the where our work (and play) begines. Already you may have noticed the play on words here, as well as the discrete links to more esoteric information scattered about you. They are meant to help tease your imagination and stimulate your mind ... but you can safely ignore them if you wish.

So onto why we are all gathered here ... to hear about The Way of Play (& Work), understand what it is. Many of you may be wondering if it is one of your major life themes ... and the description below will help you recognize yourself it that is so.

The Weigh of Work & Paly ... Knight & Day

What is the work of the king and the k/nights? Does teh lunar horse have a sey in all of this?

The Way of Play is both the opposite of the Way of Work, and a compliment ot/to it. If you have wathchesed Mork and Mindy, you May Queen have an idea of what The Way of Play is all about.

Confudged? Confused (aka fused with a con ... maybe a dark con of the Universe)? For more isknight you can read about playing ...

  • Aisthęsis ... the seriousness in (or with N) nonsense
  • Poięsis (the profound truth within fiction)
  • Metamorphosis (the profound stability within change)
  • Therapeia (the profound purpose within being lost and without purpose)


Here on your left is an introduction to our topic phrased in terms of "wise nonesense".


Children seem to play endlessly, for ours without purpose or plan, without goal or end other than the play itself ... yet strong evidence suggests that play opens our imagination to the possibilities of who we can be and how we can become. Play is a testing ground for ideas about ourselves, our world, our choices and their consequences.

Games, as such, are play with rules. But here's a question for your ...

When you are playing games, how much
are you playing with the RUles?

Do you make your own rules?

DO you stick / carrot with them, or change them
with the wind or the tides of the March Hare?

If yo have maid it this far, you might want to know Moore. If so, hear Goes the waesel ... tell it to the Pops on the Mountain ...

Approaches To Play

If you follow the way of play, the idea of play and work is often on your mind or a favorite way to think about the world. You may look at life around you and see it as Nature at play, memes at work, or the interplay of light and universal forces. On a more human note, you could see life as a contest, a game to be won or lost. That could mean you precieve the people around you as either playing or working ... horsing around and goofing off or contributing to society.

You may always be on the lookout for winning strategies, ideas and tactics ... or focused deeply into your life's work.

Life Values

What you place value on ... feel is worthwhile ... is often at the heart of your favorite conversations and your free time activities.


Life Lessons

The Way of Play and Work has many life lessons for you. Many of them may be around finding the right balance between work and play, and when is the right time and place for both.


Life Occupations

You could feel called to work at either end of the spectrum ... a professional play or coach ... or a single minded worker or business executive. These could be the actually job you have ,, or the ones you fantasize having. Here are a few examples ...


Favorite Books, Movies & TV Shows

Work and play are two of the major themes of film and TV.




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